Your doorman is intimidating

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Meanwhile, Rosemary is unhappy at home and voices her troubles to friend Hutch.Here, they walk along an avenue, and it’s killing me that I can’t figure this one out.

The vast majority of the film takes place in the apartment, with only a handful of scenes that show the city.

They agree to meet outside the Time Life building, but Hutch never shows.

The squiggly pattern in the ground was based on the famous sidewalks of Rio de Janiero’s Copacabana Beach – here’s a picture taken by Flickr user Mondmann: For some reason, it seems like the colors are inverted between the two pictures – no clue why this is.

In a whirl, she walks into the middle of traffic on Fifth Ave at 55th Street. The enormous Disney store now occupies that corner building: Last time we saw Rosemary on Fifth Ave, the trees in Central Park were dead.

Nice to see a film actually show the passage of time: Rosemary rips the tannis root necklace off and tosses it down a drain: This is the one location I was really hoping to find: the famous drain where Rosemary gets rid of her cursed necklace.

“New York, You’ve Changed” is a new Scouting NY feature in which the New York depicted in movies is compared with the city of today.

Not just the usual list of shooting locations, this is a full shot-by-shot dissection to see what New York once was and what it has become, for better or worse.

After this, Rosemary and Guy find themselves quickly becoming friends with the Castevets.

Guy is having trouble getting acting gigs, and then suddenly is offered an important role when a rival actor goes blind.

…apartments that used to span an entire floor have been broken up into smaller units by dividing the hallways with closets.

If you were to punch through the back of this closet, you’d find yourself in the neighboring apartment (when I was scouting this, all I could think about was After seeing the apartment, Rosemary convinces Guy in a walk-and-talk (film lingo! Assuming they’re walking away from the building on 72nd Street (which would make sense, based on the traffic), I believe they’re approaching Broadway, which would mean the Californian restaurant is now a Gray’s Papaya.

Same mural in the lobby: The lobby was closed, or I would have gone in to see if this payphone is still there: After learning that Hutch has suddenly became intensely ill, Rosemary wanders over to Fifth Avenue – specifically, the first window at Tiffany’s, where she admires a manger scene.

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