Your doorman is intimidating

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However, as I was rewatching the film, I was completely surprised to find that there are actually very few exterior shots of New York.The vast majority of the film takes place in the apartment, with only a handful of scenes that show the city.

We finally come to settle on a very low angle view of the beautiful Dakota at 72nd St & Central Park West (called The Bramford in the film): The Dakota was constructed between 18 and originally had 65 apartments consisting of 4 to 20 rooms, with no two alike.I believe the corpse is just about where that spot is on the sidewalk in the second picture (the people dressed as garden gnomes were doing some sort of photoshoot in front of the Dakota).At the crime scene, we get a shot of Minnie Castevet and a view across the street. I’d like to know when the MTA painted all the subway globes green…Meanwhile, Rosemary is unhappy at home and voices her troubles to friend Hutch.Here, they walk along an avenue, and it’s killing me that I can’t figure this one out.The full exterior of the office – a very nice address for a Satanist: Rosemary turns onto Fifth Ave and heads for that phone booth on the corner: Inside, she frantically calls her original doctor, Dr. She takes a cab to his office, located at 650 Park Avenue: There, she confesses everything, and Dr. However, before he can help, the coven tracks her down and forces her to return to the apartment: I swear, every time I watch the film, I find myself hoping that Rosemary will get away. The film ends with her rocking the baby to sleep, and then a final shot of the Dakota.

I was really excited to do a photo essay on the locations in .You can see an elevated ramp in the background of the shot, and there are VERY few of these in Manhattan. Following this scene, Rosemary is given her infamous tannis root necklace (no such thing as tannis root, FYI), is raped by Satan, gets a sudden craving for raw steak, loses tons of weight and skin color, and cuts off her hair.As she becomes more and more anxious about her pregnancy, she gets a call from Hutch who says he has something urgent to tell her.Unfortunately, there’s no drain where it should be, and watching the scene, you can see that shot cuts away JUST as the camera angle drops down to the ground (suggesting the drain is elsewhere and they cheated it being on Fifth Ave).She then goes to a bookstore to purchase a few more books on witchcraft.A picture of the Dakota circa 1890, when the Upper West Side was a bit less crowded: One of my favorite building ornamentations in New York can be found lining the iron fence surrounding the Dakota: It’s even on the entrance to the 72nd Street subway station: In addition, the subway has a great antique sign above the stairwell entrance: As the movie opens, we meet Rosemary and her husband Guy as they visit the Dakota to see a vacant apartment (how they can afford anything in the Dakota, with Guy depicted as a struggling actor, is a bit of witchcraft in itself).

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