Why is empire total war updating

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To access the Conquest menu, press L and go to the Conquest tab.

If you managed to conquer all 15 planets, you get The Galaxy Conqueror legacy title.Larger guilds tends to have more crafters, more players that run flashpoints, warzones and all the activities that contribute points.Smaller guilds will either need to have more dedicated players with lots of playtime to compete.To receive the rewards, you must earn 20,000 points before the time limit (1 week) expires and for guild rewards you must place top 10 in the leaderboards for the planet you have invaded.Once you have completed this weekly, you cannot get it again until the next conquest but you can still contribute points to the guild leaderboards, you just won’t get more rewards for doing so.If you didn’t get first place, you can still receive guild rewards for placing on the top 10 leaderboards of a specific planet.

Rewards Last but not least, there are rewards to be gained for completing the personal and guild conquest objectives This is a weekly you can do only once per conquest per character.While you won’t be able to see all the Conquests, you can get a peak at all the different conquests in the achievements menu. Some objectives are repeatable (represented by the infinity sign), while others can done only once per legacy.Finishing the objectives will give you points towards both your personal and guild reward tracks.Something that is potentially confusing is that regardless of which planet your guild is invading, you can still do objectives on other planets and gain points.For example, if your guild is invading Alderaan, you can still do the objectives located on Makeb and gain points towards the Alderaan Guild Leaderboards.You must have a guild flagship to be able to invade a planet (50 million credits).