Why is empire total war updating

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Why is empire total war updating - carbon dating the shroud

It is not 500 x 3 x 1.13 as you might have expected.Earning Points and Topping the Leaderboards The unfortunate truth is that larger guilds with more active players will accumulate points at a faster rate than small guilds and will more likely to top the leaderboards, get their temporary walker mounts and their legacy titles since there isn’t any caps or restrictions.

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The leaderboards section will display the top 10 guilds with the most points.

Larger guilds tends to have more crafters, more players that run flashpoints, warzones and all the activities that contribute points.

Smaller guilds will either need to have more dedicated players with lots of playtime to compete.

The Personal Reward give you 27.540 25,000 = 52,540 credits and the following if you place in the top 10 leaderboards and are given at end of the conquest if your guild is eligible.

Guild reward progress is reset if you leave and join another guild.

You must have a guild flagship to be able to invade a planet (50 million credits).

Once you picked a planet and started your invasion, you will be locked into that planet for 3 days minimal and cannot switch to another planet until then. In The Balance of Power Conquest for example, invading Alderaan give you invasion bonus towards flashpoint and warzone objectives while invading Voss give you invasion bonus towards Crafting and War Supplies.

Planetary Conquest is a weekly rotating objective players can participate in.

While this is largely intended for guilded players, players without guilds can also participate but they won’t be able to reap all the benefits.

You probably won’t get as much points since the objectives in other planets may not have the guild invasion bonus attached to them.

Planetary Invasions and Guild Leaderboards Each Conquest will have 3-4 different planets or daily areas that your guild can invade.

Conquests & Objectives There are 11 different Conquests currently. They will be different every week until you finish the rotation.