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In 2013, Jones played in Spielberg's "Lincoln" as the fiery abolitionist Thaddeus Stevens, for which he's been nominated for a Golden Globe, a BAFTA, and an Oscar, as well as in "Hope Springs" in which he plays a stubbord husband to Meryl Streep who takes their marriage out of their comfort zone and into sex therapy.Born: 15-Sep-1946Birthplace: San Saba, TXGender: Male Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Actor Nationality: United States Executive summary: Men in Black Tommy Lee Jones's mother was a cop and a beautician, and his father was an oil rig worker and a heavy drinker who was sometimes abusive to his family. He played football and stumbled into acting by accident, and it changed his life. He attended Harvard, where he played offensive guard on the football team and won all-Ivy League athletic honors, but Jones was too scrawny to play professional football.

He won Best Actor for his performance at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival; the film also won Best Screenplay.

In 1976 he landed the lead in the film Jackson County Jail, and in 1977 he played The Amazing Howard Hughes in a TV movie, to great acclaim.

Jones worked steadily in films and TV until 1989's Lonesome Dove made him a household name.

He’s really smart, and because he knows so much, it’s like you worry that he’ll get mad if you don’t say your lines correctly. couldn’t help but think how incredibly cool Matt Damon was. Damon: After a nine-year hiatus, to have the same group of staff and actors working together, over a span of 16 years since the first film was created, it’s a very rare thing in this industry. ▼ Damon was also kind enough to give us a cool Jason Bourne-like pose in front of the Tokyo skyline.

I remember feeling like that when we first worked together. He wondered if he could ever be as effortlessly suave as the handsome actor, and then he wondered if it would be rude to ask him such a question. I’m just going to come out and say it…have you always been popular with the ladies? Our reporters were thrilled to have met Matt Damon, and vowed to go forth with the same humble attitude as the Hollywood star.

When he's not working, Jones frequently hobnobs with pals Willie Nelson, Gary Busey, Oliver Stone, and Robert Duvall. Chester Phillips The Sunset Limited (12-Feb-2011) · White The Company Men (22-Jan-2010) · Gene Mc Clary In the Electric Mist (7-Feb-2009) · Dave Robicheaux Harvard Beats Yale 29-29 (5-Sep-2008) · Himself In the Valley of Elah (1-Sep-2007) · Hank Deerfield No Country for Old Men (19-May-2007) A Prairie Home Companion (12-Feb-2006) The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (20-May-2005) · Pete Perkins Man of the House (25-Feb-2005) · Roland Sharp The Missing (26-Nov-2003) · Samuel Jones The Hunted (11-Mar-2003) · L. Bonham Men in Black II (26-Jun-2002) · Kevin Brown Space Cowboys (1-Aug-2000) · Hawk Hawkins Rules of Engagement (31-Mar-2000) Double Jeopardy (21-Sep-1999) Small Soldiers (10-Jul-1998) · Chip Hazard U.

Jones owns a working cattle ranch near San Antonio, TX. In 1998, Jones was injured falling from his horse in a polo match. Jones (oil rigger)Mother: Lucille Marie Scott Jones (police officer)Wife: Katherine Lardner (actress, m. 1978)Wife: Kimberlea Gayle Cloughley (photographer, m. I would like to know what would AA's response be if it were just some ordinary passengers. how in the world did they both fit in the bathroom at the same time??? Seeing 2 people walk of a Lav on a narrow body aircraft is clowncar-esque!So what is the policy for airlines when it comes to multiple passengers being in the lavatory at the same time? I once saw a couple disappear in the wee hours of the night in a TG A380 F bathroom for about 45 minutes...unfortunately he still has money and she's a gold digger and can fly F.They are more worthy of a basic Ryanair ticket in my opinion. Tommy Lee is of course the co-star of the famous sex tape with Pamela Anderson, who I believe he was married to for a hot minute at the time.As soon as they walked in, they were surprised to see Damon stand up to greet them, saying “hi” with a broad smile on his face, and holding his hand out for a friendly handshake.

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