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But then again, when would he ever be lucky enough to be sitting down with the star again? K.: I think all the characters you’ve ever played have always been incredibly cool. He's been nominated for four Oscars, one of which he won for his portrayal of U. He's starred in some top films of the past decade, and is now known for his roles as Agent K in "Men in Black" and its sequels, Sheriff Ed Tom Bell in "No Country for Old Men" (2007), and the villain Two-Face in Tim Burton's 1995 "Batman Forever," and rancher Pete Perkins in "The Three Burials of Melquaides Estrada" (2005), which Jones directed.

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"One day I happened to walk into a practice room and came upon a rehearsal of Mister Roberts. At Harvard, his roommates were Al Gore and, later, John Lithgow.He plays polo competitively, and his team won the U. lub-video/Apparently AA is ok with whatever Tommy Lee and his girlfriend were upto inside the lavatory aboard a flight.In 2013, Jones played in Spielberg's "Lincoln" as the fiery abolitionist Thaddeus Stevens, for which he's been nominated for a Golden Globe, a BAFTA, and an Oscar, as well as in "Hope Springs" in which he plays a stubbord husband to Meryl Streep who takes their marriage out of their comfort zone and into sex therapy.Born: 15-Sep-1946Birthplace: San Saba, TXGender: Male Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Actor Nationality: United States Executive summary: Men in Black Tommy Lee Jones's mother was a cop and a beautician, and his father was an oil rig worker and a heavy drinker who was sometimes abusive to his family. He played football and stumbled into acting by accident, and it changed his life. He attended Harvard, where he played offensive guard on the football team and won all-Ivy League athletic honors, but Jones was too scrawny to play professional football.As a former flight attendant, in this type of case the SOP is to ignore it.

Flight attendants are there for safety and service. If I thought Tommy Lee was going in there to put lit cigarettes in the trash, I would interrupt whatever he was doing. But if he's in there at top of descent on a long haul flight when people need to use the bathroom, I would crack the door open and get him out, because other passengers need to be comfortable and to be able to use the lav before landing.

Jones played football at Harvard, where he roomed with future vice president Al Gore. He became a regular on a number of successful shows, like the critically acclaimed "Lonesome Dove" in which he starred and "The Executioner's Song," the Norman Mailer adaptation for which Jones won an Emmy for Best Actor as murderer Gary Gilmore.

He bean his career in theatre both in on and off-Broadway productions, as well as on the soap opera "One Life to Live" (1968).

I would like to know what would AA's response be if it were just some ordinary passengers. how in the world did they both fit in the bathroom at the same time??? Seeing 2 people walk of a Lav on a narrow body aircraft is clowncar-esque!

So what is the policy for airlines when it comes to multiple passengers being in the lavatory at the same time? I once saw a couple disappear in the wee hours of the night in a TG A380 F bathroom for about 45 minutes...

Nervous and excited to meet such a hot-shot celebrity, Yoshio and P. Sanjun got ready to meet the actor on an overcast day in August at a plush hotel as part of the actor’s promotional tour in Tokyo.

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