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Borden changed his ring name from Flash to Sting, while Hellwig became known as Rock.They soon joined Hotstuff & Hyatt International, a heel stable headed by "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert and Missy Hyatt.

Sting headlined the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2016 on April 2, where he announced his retirement.He is the only man to hold the NWA, WCW (WWA and WCW international additionally) and TNA world championships in a career.Sting finally joined the company in 2014, making his first appearance at Survivor Series and having his debut match at Wrestle Mania 31 the following year.Sting is known for his time spent as the public face of two major professional wrestling promotions: the now-defunct World Championship Wrestling (WCW), which displaced the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE) as the leading professional wrestling organization in the United States from 1995 to 1998, having cultivated a legacy over a career spanning more than three decades in which he held 15 world championships.Sting's 14-year tenure with WCW and its predecessor, Jim Crockett Promotions (JCP), began in 1987.SUE BORDEN: I knew he was so close to being successful. We’d go to the matches, and I could see their response to him. He became popular on the world championship wrestling circuit, but his career shot through the roof in 1997 when Sting wrestled Hulk Hogan on Pay-Per-View. ROSS (reporting): Steve was desperate for a change.

Although things were great for them financially, Steve’s constant traveling put a strain on the marriage. ROSS (reporting): Steve coped with his struggles by turning to pills and alcohol. About 30 days went by, and things really started to go downhill. For years his brother had been telling him about God’s love for him. One August evening in 1998, he gave up running and turned to God for help. I need You to come save my life, save my marriage, because it’s out of control.' And I invited Him to come and live in me.

"I have an idea regarding the world title," he wrote.

"Will announce soon." You can read the full TNA i MPACT!

“Sting” was king in the world of professional wrestling. Steve Borden -- was a major star on the professional wrestling circuit. (laughs) ROSS (reporting): Steve grew up in southern California.

In 1997 his trademark black and white makeup and black baseball bat helped draw one of the largest Pay-Per-View audiences in history. He was strong and athletic and eventually developed a passion for bodybuilding. A stranger walked into the gym one day and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. They were trying to break into pro wrestling, and they were looking for a fourth guy.

Borden had no interest in professional wrestling and no television access to it within his home community, but decided to pursue a career in the industry after being taken to an "incredible" World Wrestling Federation (WWF) event in Los Angeles where he saw Hulk Hogan, The Iron Sheik, The British Bulldogs, André the Giant and others perform.

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