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That came last November when they were photographed in , Justin Trudeau’s first sit-down media portrait after being sworn-in as Prime Minister.The resulting image—Trudeau gazing soulfully at his wife, his arms wrapped around her as she leaned into him—made waves internationally, which isn’t surprising. The accompanying story, which referred to Trudeau as “dashing in his blue suit and jaunty brown shoes” and the “youthful, optimistic face of Canada,” borrowed heavily from American political imagery.

Hillary Clinton has announced that, if she was elected, her husband would take on an advisory role directing policy on income inequality and unemployment, joking to NBC News: “You know, every first lady has taken on special projects.” Had Barack Obama announced a similar outlet for his spouse, an accomplished lawyer, there would have been an outcry.

“I want to use the platform I’m blessed to have been given,” she said, calling it a “natural extension of the work I was doing before I met my husband.” The difference, of course, is that she was often paid for her labour then (she was on the roster for a speakers’ bureau).

Were Grégoire to charge for speaking she’d be accused of exploiting her position.

(Olivier Douliery/Getty Images) Since election night, the couple’s PDAs—heads touching, loving gazes, hands on hearts—have telegraphed happiness and an 180-degree shift from the chillier optics of the Harper marriage, which was marked by stiff hand-holding and Laureen making John Baird her date at public functions.

Toronto marketing strategist Clive Veroni revives the Obama comparison.

She’s seen to be rewarded in political currency, supporting causes she cares about while burnishing the Trudeau brand.

She’s performing what the economist Nancy Folbre calls “caring labour,” caretaking or nurturing jobs—teaching, nursing, mothering—that are undervalued and underpaid, if paid at all; the compensation is seen to be emotional.The wages paid the Trudeaus’ nannies—between and an hour—offer an echo of that point.Why Grégoire Trudeau went public with the need for a team is unclear.Her causes were unassailable—the Canadian Mental Health Association, Me to We (Free the Children), Fillactive, a foundation that encourages girls to adopt a healthy lifestyle—and uncontroversial.Her value to the party was reflected on a a “Meet Sophie” page on Liberal.ca, where she’s described as “an advocate for change.” She’s also a red-carpet-worthy mom of a young, happy family, seen jumping into a swimming pool fully clothed for Chatelaine, out canoeing in the wilds, out trick-or-treating.It quoted a Canadian journalist who was only “half kidding” when referring to the new Trudeau era as “our Camelot,” a mythical metaphor for the JFK presidency (started, it turns out, by Jacqueline Kennedy, who mentioned it after her husband’s death in an interview with accorded Grégoire Trudeau first lady status, outfitting her in a form-fitting blue-and-gold dress by Oscar de la Renta, a designer famously worn by first ladies from Nancy Reagan onward; Hillary Clinton appeared on the November 1998 declared Grégoire Trudeau “the hottest first lady in the world,” apparently unaware that, unlike in the U. where Michelle Obama has a staff of more than 20, no such political role exists here.