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The granddaughter of famous Bonnano mobster Benjamin 'Lefty Guns' Ruggiero sported high heels and oversized sunglasses for the court appearance.

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While both ladies have fabulous bodies, Carla's bikini choice failed to impress us, choosing a tacky bright blue and pink number. Choosing a Vi X black bikini featuring gold hardware, Marissa's pick was flattering and chic being so simple.See where your favorite ladies from Mob Wives are today."Mob Wives" star "Big Ang" wasn't actually married to the mob — but rather a niece of it."She is like a character straight from the movie 'Goodfellas' and lives by the lifestyle code." There are no reports of Raiola being married to a Mafia man, but she had said she dated "wiseguys" or crime-connected men in the past.VH1 noted that the larger-than-life personality has dated many gangsters.TIMELINE OF NEW YORK CITY'S FIVE CRIME FAMILIES She managed and owned several Mafia hangouts throughout the years.

Most recently, she owned the bar "Drunken Monkey" in Staten Island with her cousin, Sally Dogs' daughter, Sallyann Lombardi.Mob Wives Chicago aired in the summer of 2012, and it was announced that following fall that the spinoff series had been discontinued due to low ratings.Big Ang (2012) was a spinoff focused on Mob Wives season 2 cast member Angela “Big Ang” Raiola.Alongside the show, creator and executive producer has launched 3 spinoff series including Mob Wives Chicago, Big Ang, and Miami Monkey.Mob Wives Chicago (2012) was a similar series that followed women whose families are allegedly connected to the “Chicago Outfit” (the Chicago mob).Brooklyn-born Angela Raiola (Big Ang) tragically lost her battle with cancer early Thursday at age 55.