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(‘Previously on Merlin...’)Liev Schreiber may be improbably implacable and just too damn good-looking, but hearing him mutter ‘Previously on Ray Donovan’ is seriously seductive, the easily best ‘Previously...’ since Kiefer Sutherland in 24.The premiere episode of any drama is always crucial.

Jon Voight is only one of a number of bravura performances in Ray Donovan from famous/faded Hollywood names.

But not before taking his jacket and shirt off so the audience could luxuriate in his muscles Rather than the classic, grubby, down-at-heel LA private eyes or Hollywood studio sleaze-balls depicted in novels by Raymond Chandler, James Ellroy, and Elmore Leonard, Ray Donovan is the embodiment of glossy glamour.

Ray is the kind of man who has corrupt cops on call, and knows how to charm/threaten everyone from drug-addled movie stars to other school kids’ parents – all while wearing a sharp black suit, white shirt, and Rolex.

Despite his myriad flaws, the underlying premise of creator/producer/writer Ann Biderman's slick, juicy Hollywood drama, Ray Donovan, seems to be that all women would want to be with him and men want to be him The first series centred on Ray’s abusive, degenerate father Mickey (Jon Voight) being released after a 20-year stretch in prison and the havoc his arrival wreaks on Ray’s family and business as a ‘fixer’ for powerful Hollywood player Ezra Goldman.

As the series and events gained pace, pivotal developments included: Ray paying America’s Most Wanted criminal (James Woods) million to kill Mickey; Mickey murdering the FBI co-handler he had been working for as an informant; and Ray popping a priest that had molested him and his brothers when they were kids back in Boston.

But now his wife Abby is so suspicious, she has started flirting with an LAPD detective who just happened to be firing next to her at the gun range. When a predictably beautiful reporter from the Boston Globe turned up in LA investigating who really killed 'America's Most Wanted' Sully Sullivan (played by James Woods), Ray's way of 'containing' it (sleeping with her) probably wasn't ideal This is, admittedly a case of ‘no s**t Sherlock!

’ If only writer/producer Ann Biderman (who also created the criminally under-rated LA cop show Southland) wasn’t so intent on constantly paying homage to/blatantly plundering The Sopranos.

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In its wake, it left a dedicated fanbase and a multitude of broken taboos.

In the early episodes, Ray was fixing clients’ problems in a way that recalled the sordid realities of legendary Hollywood lowlife like Fatty Arkbuckle, Anthony Pellicano, and the characters chronicled in James Ellroy’s LA Quartet.

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