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Her grandparents stayed in Marroway Street until her grandfather retired in 1939, having then to relinquish the tenancy of the tied house. 33 Clark Street is where Joe Harris, the coal man keep his horse and cart up the entry, I lived there till I was 14.

My Mum was Doris and my Brothers were Derek & Ken, my sister was Gloria.

I attended Barford Road School and I sang in the choir at Christ Church, Summerfield, not far away.

The vicar at the time was Reverend Hinnett, if my memory serves me well.

Does anyone remember when they started moving us out in the fifties, how they boarded up windows and locked the doors of the empty houses and how tiny the pantry windows were - no problem.

I was very small and could fit easily, the lads shoved me through, I released the catch of the door and in they went.

My Mom and Dad were Daisy and Mick Bromley, and I am Sheila.

Teachers I remember are, Miss Ray in the infants, Miss Wastell who died, when it was her birthday she bought us all a small Cadbury's caramel bar and when she died I remember we all lined the street while the funereal went past.We had some white cats (3), they were deaf, one of them went up and died in the kennel of the greyhounds.I was born in Ladywood in 1941 at 42 Clark Street, when I was 2, we moved just a few doors up to number 48, right opposite the Hyde Arms (my Nan lived at number 42, she was called Lillian Dawson).Certainly bombs fell to the rear, and across the road from that line of shops.I sadly regret that I didn't take any photographs of the shop, or other small businesses at that time, as we were living nearby, in that area. I have so many happy memories of Ladywood, there was always something to do - usually mischief.I must have been the most popular kid on the block.

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