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Like Casper van Dien growling like Batman for no apparent reason (also like that Batman).That should be in just about every one of these films. Anything other than Casper van Dien’s vocal chords, that is.

Claus and Meet the Santas – Shannon Elizabeth actually does her own singing (or so I assume) in Catch a Christmas Star Yes, it’s true.But one of their holiday traditions was playing football in the park against another group of people (who didn’t seem related, like another family or something) they didn’t even like or seem to know. BEST USE OF TROPES (2013) Again, why even give anybody false hope here?And then other townsfolk came to watch this pointless, podunk game. While every one of these movies follow a pretty obvious list of repeated conventions, 12 Trees of Christmas seemed to cram the most in.And if I had to name a favorite, I’ve got to go with On Strike For Christmas. A girl goes back in time to 1996 and gives her younger self a little bit of dating advice but nothing about the terrorist attacks on 9/11 or anything else meaningful she could do to have a better future.Like I said in my review, it was the gateway drug for me. But like I also said, it’s of a higher quality than many of its counterparts and there is less joke fodder, forcing me to confront the very real possibility that I like these movies because I like them, not just to make fun of them. Probably wouldn’t have mattered anyway because her past self isn’t really interested in hearing anything either, despite completely accepting the fact that this is an older version of her from the year 2013.BEST TITLE (all-time) – Fir Crazy – Snow Bride – Christmas With a Capital C – Finding John Christmas – Christmas Twister Lot of worthy films here but I have to pick All About Christmas Eve because it works on several levels, although some of them perhaps odd and inappropriate.

Plus as much as I like the term, “Snow Bride”, and hope it becomes a thing, it doesn’t really apply as well as it should. Even though there is no such category and I refuse to recognize that as a legitimate award.Plus they gave us little annoying factoids about old timey and other cultural celebrations and events related to the holidays and for that, they deserve a little bit more than just candy in their shoes.But thinking back, I guess Pete’s Christmas used Christmas relatively well, as the plot involved a kid reliving Christmas day over and over again.Sure, American Hustle required more of an effort to make but if you break down the components of what makes a movie good – story, characters, acting, clarity, pacing, direction – Window Wonderland sweeps every category.And I will defend that statement to anyone who challenges it.BEST ALL-TIME MOVIE – Undercover Christmas – All She Wants For Christmas – Single Santa Seeks Mrs.