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All our impressions come from a single playthrough and will be written from my (Chris) perspective.

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Right off the bat you will notice that Pawzi Clawzi’s art is impeccable.but you already have the name of the speaker above the dialogue.Surely Pawzi could’ve drawn a different facial expression for these moments if that was the direction they were going for, right? As a player, it just looks like another little dent which doesn’t help show off the awesomely drawn characters.Quite impressive to begin with as we all know the general view of society when it comes to furry products.First of all, just a little disclaimer, we have only played the first two chapters – as the next ones are not out yet.For example, it feels redundant to have the character AND the character portrait at the same time on the screen, near the dialogue box.

Sure, when you have two characters, it’s important to know who’s talking…Every single character is drawn with such care, with so many details and each has a charm of its own – visually speaking.The style itself takes a negative hit when you notice that real-life photos have been used as backgrounds and the characters have a white glow around them, which makes them, oddly enough, look out of place.It does break the immersion a bit but, as you roll with it, it tends to not be as intrusive later on.You simply ignore it, which is a shame because the game would’ve looked awesome with drawn background as well.The menu feels nice, the HUD is very sweet and slick (and functional, THANK YOU! The usage of your character’s name (which you type out in the beginning) is actually cute and seldom used, which gives it a better effect.

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