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Diversity receiving equipment utilizes two or more receivers connected together at the second detectors and AVC lines.

It is the blend of cultural competencies and career disciplines resulting in the differences of thoughts, approaches, experiences, identities, affinities and more.

Building a recruiting platform that has enterprise wide accountability among recruiters and hiring managers.

These companies provide comprehensive diversity and legislative training for recruiters.

Board Diversity continues to be a growth opportunity for all companies.

More and more companies are engaging their boards in their diversity strategy.

Besides fading, other phenomena occurs when radio waves are refracted through the ionosphere, such as selective sideband fading causing distortion on AM signals along with rotation of the radio waves causing polarization changes. Peterson, began investigating what was actually happening when signals faded.

In the early 1920s, two engineers working for RCA, Harold H. The event that fomented Beverage and Peterson's interest happened when the two were monitoring signal reception from two points simultaneously.

And equally important is how the companies source talent with demonstrated results hiring women and diverse talent.

Representation is the ultimate outcome that companies want to achieve with women and people of color in the most senior leadership roles.

The goal of a diversity receiver is to greatly reduce or eliminate fading radio signals.

Fading radio signals have always plagued shortwave reception and are encountered when the signals being received originate from a transmitting station located at a distance that requires the radio waves to propagate via skywave through the ionosphere.

recognition – those that have demonstrated consistent and excellent systems, practices, metrics and impact.“It’s no longer enough to just implement practices; intentional strategies are necessary to increase all dimensions of diversity in leadership and provide programs to mitigate bias,” said Pamela Mc Elvane, CEO of Diversity MBA and publisher of Magazine.