Whm nameserver ips not updating

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Whm nameserver ips not updating - Online web camera your self sex

We design c Panel & WHM to accommodate a white-label reseller experience.You can configure hosting resellers to each use their own nameservers.

If you are not seeing the needed IPs in /etc/nameserverips please do not attempt to edit that file, as it is now overwritten by c Panel.

Log in to your server’s WHM interface and find the navigation section on the left called Basic c Panel & WHM Setup, under Server Configuration. At the bottom, you will find the When you load this screen for the first time you may see that two nameservers, using the same domain name as the server’s hostname, are already in place.

If this is the case skip to Step 2: Registering Your Private Nameservers.

If there are no nameservers listed here then we will need to create them.

Type the name of the nameserver you wish to set up in the text box (1) and click the Assign IP Address button (2).

Most users will want to use a domain name they already own, often the same domain name that is being used for the hostname of the server that will be running the private nameservers.

For this example, we will use a fake domain called If you don't remember how you did this, please read our Private Name Servers - Setup article.After you configure your server's nameservers, you must register your nameservers with your registrar.Before editing the file, you will need to delete the following cache file:c Panel will rebuild that file after you have made your changes.As always, Liquid Web support recommends you make a backup of any files you change by hand using SSH before you modify them!Our server is called host.and we will be setting up ns1.and ns2.