Whm nameserver ips not updating

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Whm nameserver ips not updating - Video chat without credit card and registration

Setting up your own private nameservers on a c Panel server has many benefits, most importantly enabling all of c Panel’s built in DNS tools which can make DNS changes much easier.This guide will show you how to set up and register new private nameservers on a c Panel server using the WHM (Web Host Manager) interface.

There are three parts to setting your private nameservers: Configuring the server to accept and process the DNS requests, registering your your new nameservers at the registrar who controls the domain name, and finally pointing domains at those new nameservers.When you are finished assigning IP addresses, make sure to click Save Changes (3)[email protected] [/]# cat /var/cpanel/--- ns1.example.com: .244: 1 count: '4' zones: example.com,domain.com,ns1.example.com,ns2.ns2..245: 1 count: '4' zones: example.com,domain.com,ns1.example.com,ns2.In the above example we are using the command cat to display the contents of the file.Changes can be made to this file using your favorite shell text editor such as vim, nano, or whatever you are comfortable using.Click the links to the right for registrar instructions for some of the most popular domain registrars.Each set of instructions assumes that the following statements are true:).You will be returned to the same screen now showing your new nameserver and the IP it has been assigned.

You need to have at least two nameserver names configured, so repeat this step to create your second nameserver.If you don't remember how you did this, please read our Private Name Servers - Setup article.After you configure your server's nameservers, you must register your nameservers with your registrar.For example, if you are setting up ns1.and ns2.testdomain.com, and you purchased from Go Daddy, you would need to login to your Go Daddy account in order to register the new nameservers.Once you have found the tool/page you need at your registrar’s web site the registration itself is very straightforward.If there are no nameservers listed here then we will need to create them.