Whitehorse dating site

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Whitehorse dating site

Try your hand at cowboy skills, learn about the old-style ranching ways, wander through the rustic and authentic buildings or sit around the campfire and listen to old-time tales.Back-dropped by the Rocky mountains – it’s a true Alberta experience!

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Feel his legacy come to life as you explore remarkable artifacts, photos and full-scale replicas that mark his masterful career as an engineer, inventor, scientist and humanitarian.Spread a picnic amid the tranquil past in an historic setting in Charlottetown.Establishing transportation corridors to the Pacific Coast was vital to the fur trade.Visit the interpretation centre to discover how 300 Canadian fighters managed to defeat 3,700 Americans, an unrecognized episode in our history that recalls the importance of these militiamen who became heroes., a 26-gun military sailing vessel charged with protecting merchant vessels from the British, has remained under water.Abbot Pass Refuge Cabin National Historic Site is administered by Parks Canada and operated by the Alpine Club of Canada.

Get a rare glimpse into the extraordinary heart and mind of a world-famous inventor whose genius helped shape the modern world.

Louis Street is a grouping of three two and two-and-a-half- storey early eighteenth and nineteenth century stone houses within the walls of Quebec City’s Upper Town at the foot of Cavelier du Moulin Park, forming part of the panoramic townscape of Old Quebec Fortifications of Québec National Historic Site Stand on the narrow pass and catch your breath - only to lose it to the spectacular view.

Rugged Canadian Rocky Mountains, brilliant white glaciers and a lone rocky hut.

Journey back in time to talk with a 19th century Métis settler about life on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River.

Imagine the shocking changes as the troops and warriors gathered and battle began to rage.

Located on Banff Avenue in the heart of the town of Banff, the Banff Park Museum – a.k.a.

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