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One of Wedgwood’s most important creations is black basalt, a fine-grained stoneware superior to any that had been previously produced.Another creation of Wedgwood’s is that of creamware.

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The vase reflects the art of Augustan Classical era during the early 1st century.

At the age of 14, Josiah Wedgwood contracted smallpox leaving his right knee severely weakened with osteomyelitis.

Josiah suffered with the weakened knee through most of his young adult life.

In 1759, Wedgwood established himself as an independent potter at the “Ivy House Works” in Burslem, England.

During his first 10 years of business, Wedgwood made many advances in the refining of porcelain.

In 1765, King George III’s wife, Queen Charlotte, solicited Wedgwood to be “Potter to His and Her Majesty.” As a result of his new title, Wedgwood changed the official name of his creamware to “Queen’s Ware.” It was during this period that Wedgwood began to export his china.

His primary markets were Russia, France, and North America.

Jasperware is Josiah Wedgwood’s crowning achievement. Jasper is translucent clay that marries the basalt and Queen’s Ware formulas to produce a dense, homogeneously colored stoneware.

The white body could be colored and a white porcelain relief affixed to the item.

Concerning North America’s insatiable demand for luxury items, Wedgwood once wrote a friend saying, “for the islands of North America we cannot make anything too rich and costly.” Wedgwood’s business continued to expand rapidly.

In 1766, Wedgwood relocated his factory to the Ridge House estate located at New Castle-under-Lyme and Hanley.

Whieldon had been greatly impressed with Wedgwood’s drive and ingenuity.

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