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However, the subject may well benefit from further research to establish better the occurrence of the condition, along with any significant factors that may contribute to it, such as the use of particular medicines or drugs.

The rare pure males look very different.) How did this bizarre sexual system evolve?

Under normal circumstances animals have two separate chromosomes that will determine their sex; one from the mother and one from the father – females being XX and males being XY.

Hermaphrodites happen when abnormalities of the chromosomes occur which produce an animal that has reproductive tissue of both sexes.

In Florida 2013, a woman purchased a cocker-pooh puppy that she thought was a girl until her vet informed her dog was actually male and would need corrective surgery.

As there are no available statistics regarding hermaphroditism in dogs, the condition as we have found, should be considered rare in pet dogs.

In Spain, Tana a French Bulldog presented at the veterinary centre for her vaccinations when staff noticed her unusual genital appearance.

Tests revealed that the dog was hermaphrodite and she underwent sterilisation surgery to prevent any further medical complications associated with her condition.

It and two of its close relatives are the only known hermaphrodites out of several millions of insect species.

In most hermaphroditic animals, an individual grows up and develops the organs that make both sperm and eggs.

In Ireland in 2012, a little lurcher puppy was abandoned and taken in by the Galway Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and underwent a ‘sex change’ (involving a double neutering) in order to make her female.

She was sent to a Greyhound and Lurcher rescue in England where she was successfully re-homed into a loving family.

Many other dogs will go undiagnosed as inter-sexed and presumably live normal lives, although the famous Barbara Woodhouse claimed that hermaphrodite dogs are unstable and can be, “bad-tempered and unreliable”.

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