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Amy Chua's book, published in 2011, raised debates over the different child-rearing approaches taken by Western and Chinese parents. The content (including but not limited to text, photo, multimedia information, etc) published in this site belongs to China Daily Information Co (CDIC).Being a mother herself, Zhao has said that in real life she prefers a pressure-free childhood to a disciplined one. The 38-year-old actress gained instant fame in 1998 with her lead role in the costume TV series "Princess Pearl" (Huan Zhu Ge Ge). In 2013, she released her directorial debut film, "So Young", which won the Best Directorial Debut award in that year's Golden Rooster Awards. Without written authorization from CDIC, such content shall not be republished or used in any form.

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After winning several film awards including ones for her directorial debut, actress Zhao Wei has returned to the small screen in the form of a tiger mom.When Shuhuan throws himself into the patriotic cause against Japanese invasion as a war correspondent, Ruping risks her life running to the frontline in order to be reunited with him... 瑤世紀巨獻,經典大劇。 “九·一八”事變後,東北的地方軍閥陸振華(寇振海飾)帶著一家大小逃亡上海,在法租界定居。他的九姨太雪琴(王琳飾)為人專橫跋扈,把八姨太文佩(徐幸飾)母女、李副官(曹秋根飾)一家逐出陸家。這兩家人一時失去經濟來源,日子貧困窘迫。文佩的女兒依萍(趙薇飾)向父親討生活費,與雪琴發生衝突,遭父親鞭打,就此她立下復仇志。依萍瞞過母親去大上海舞廳當歌女。在舞廳,依萍與申報記者書桓(古巨基飾)相識。依萍得知書桓是九姨太女兒如萍(林心如飾)的男友,頓生奪人所愛之念。不料交往之中,依萍陷落情網,與書桓真誠相愛了。失去了書桓,如萍痛苦異常,然而就在她身邊,書桓的朋友杜飛(蘇有朋飾)悄悄地愛著她。可是如萍只尊重他的情誼,卻拒絕了他的愛,因為她的心中只有書桓。但杜飛仍一往情深。 書桓在一次偶然機會看到了依萍最初的日記,他了解到她強烈的復仇心,她接近他的是因為他是如萍的男友。這一下刺痛了他的心,書桓與依萍決裂。書桓投身到抗日烽火中,當上了戰地記者。這給了如萍以機會,決定去前線找他。當她在隆重的炮火聲中,出現在書桓面前的時候,他驚呆了,他感動了。決定與如萍訂婚。訂婚慶典上,依萍前來祝賀,還為他們唱起歡樂頌。歌罷,依萍飲酒而情緒大變,讓李副官送她去西渡看夕陽,因喝酒過多而落水,書桓趕到將她救起,並說,他是由於愛她太深,才不能忍受她的“不愛”。如萍見此情景,決定退出這一場“女人的戰爭”。 抗戰爆發以後,書桓、杜飛、爾豪和依萍也投入到全民抗戰之中。8年過去了,他們都相繼重逢,杜飛與如萍在戰場上偶然相見,分外高興,他們決定在一起生活,依萍卻一直在等待著書桓的歸來…… The Commander he so unshakenly loyal to, showed the world how fine matured Chinese actors could be. Do Fai is very silly in the beginning but soon you'll find him incredibly sweet.His head is only filled with concerns and love for Ru Pin who, however, is the only character I find irritating.She seems to be there, always waiting for a chance with Ho.Ho though suffocated Yi Pin with his intense love and protection but has a soft spot for Ru Pin.Realizing that Shuhuan is the love interest of her half-sister Ruping (Ruby Lin), daughter of her father's ninth wife, Yiping decides to steal this man from Ruping as revenge, but eventually falls wholeheartedly in love with Shuhuan.

Devastated, Ruping declines the courtship of Shuhuan's friend Du Fei (Alec Su). This original content has been created by or licensed to Yes, and cannot be copied or republished in any medium without the express written permission of Yes Her father, Deputy Lee, though not a major character, touches your heart none the less. Her young son sometimes looks remotely cute but when he went grab the whip, you just want to strangle him.

Yi Pin's role is perhaps more challenging but Vicki handled it perfectly. Her mother portraits a typical Chinese woman in her days.

Finally my favourite is Fon Yu, a woman with a heart of gold. An extremely powerful drama excellently executed by a top class cast led by the beautiful Vicki Zhao.

From what I understand, Qiongyao wrote and screenplayed the story.

This story took place in China in the 1920s and 1930s, before the Sino-Japanese War. So she couldn't have lived through or eye-witnessed the events similar to those in the story.

His ninth wife manages to banish Lu's eighth wife and her daughter Yiping (Vicki Zhao) from the Lu household.