Validating the authenticity of a passport

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Validating the authenticity of a passport

thank you so much It might be a tight schedule but if you are able to get your documents to CA BON before October then its a possibility.

GHEE I already have an SSN but I’m not yet an RN and no plans to take NLE bcoz I already move to Chicago. If to be posted elsewhere please give credit to good day.

JOY If you applied online it might be possible to retrieve your username and password from the CGFNS Website.

Worse case scenario try calling the CGFNS hotline 1 (215) 349-8767 Mondays to Fridays 8- 12 noon Eastern Time.

Here is the contact information for the Northern Mariana Islands BON: hi i got ahm, i graduated from the philippines, but i am an American citizen, do i need to have to take the NLE for the philippines to be able to take the nclex?

cant i just take the nclex directly since i wont be working in the philippines. California requires a license where you were educated not unless you have a valid reason why you do not hold such license. You can always apply but be prepared if ever they ask why you do not hold a license in the country where you were educated. I am planning to apply in Delaware, as what I have researched, they wanted a CFNS first to be able to apply for NCLEX… Please be reminded that all information placed on these articles are opinions based on different forums, sites, experiences and knowledge.

2010 and i was shock because they require me a valid US SSN and im not an immigrant for me to be able to get a ssn. Im planning for an endorsement in Vermont because they dont require ssn? Yes you are correct Vermont does not require SSN for International Nurses.

Is the process difficult or i need an agency to help me with it? The process is fairly simple and you can do it on your own. You can save your money for the application process instead of it going to an agency.

Later on, it will be the reader who will decide on whether or not to push through with the content of this article.

In addition, end results vary from person to person and is a case to case basis.

CATHZ If you are pertaining to your local license you can always write a letter of authorization and attach a copy of your valid ID addressed to PRC.

Make sure that your authorized representative in the Philippines know your basic information for the paper works. If you plan to endorse your license to another state you would need to fulfill whatever requirements they have in order to be eligible to transfer your license.

so sinabi ko ang reason kaso they were asking for an explanation letter from my employer which i dont have kasi nasa manila na ako ngayon. yan na lang po kasi nagdedelay ng application form ko. Is there any way to contact your employer or the board of nursing you applied in when you were in the Middle East?