Validating the authenticity of a passport

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Validating the authenticity of a passport - dating plenty of fish

i just want to inquire if it is possible to endorse my license to vermont in 2 weeks time? than you in advance mam It is possible to start your process within 2 weeks but I don’t think you can finish the process in 2 weeks.

The important thing is that you get to submit the verification of license form or the equivalent to California so they can forward the result right away to Illinois.

AUGSTER hi ask ko lang po regarding the NCLEX exam, i passed my requirements prior sa notice nila na need ng SSN will they take my application even without SSN? im really really confused right now pls reply thxto miss joan, thank u for your reply. but i still have a question, im planning to move to chicago once i got my rn license. like, do i have to get cgfns cause i heard it is a requirement there. If the CGFNS exam is a requirement then you might need to take it since you were educated outside the US.

SFUDORI hi ma’am I took the nclex exam last oct 2007 and unfortunately i was not able to make it.

JOY If you applied online it might be possible to retrieve your username and password from the CGFNS Website.

Worse case scenario try calling the CGFNS hotline 1 (215) 349-8767 Mondays to Fridays 8- 12 noon Eastern Time.

the remedy dey formulated s thru reciporsity or endorsing to another state… A popular choice seems to be Vermont since they have an endorsement application tailored for International Nurses.

i am stil hir n the phils and hav no idea which state is best to endorse my california license… You just need to fulfill their requirements and then you can endorse your license to your state of choice.Please be reminded that all information placed on these articles are opinions based on different forums, sites, experiences and knowledge.The intention of these articles is to be able to give guidance and idea to the readers.I passed nclex under cali bon but it will expire this october.I’m just processing my papers now to endorse my license to illinois, do you think i still have enough time to do that?JAYMIE i hav a problem regarding on wat state to endorse my california license which wil b xperiencing nov 2011…