Validating date in textbox in asp net

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I wanted the complete text existing in the control to be selected at such time as the user enters the control. Clone the VS2010 project if you want to see the complete code. If you succeed, hit me up with a pull request – I will happily merge your changes.Unfortunately, there is apparently a bug in the implementation of the Masked Text Box control which prevents this from happening using the familiar as described here provided the solution for the moment.

However, there are cases in which one might prefer to handle invalid date entry from the client code, and this parameter (and the member it sets) come into play at that point. The core of this control, and the reason I needed to build it, are evidenced in the following logic, which examines user input, and attempts to get it into the proper mm/dd/yyyy format.

First order of business was to define the mask we would be using for date entry.

For my purposes, I needed to get this done fast, and the project I am working on will only ever require dates in the US-style format, so I opted to basically fix this as the only mask available. As you can see, for this work-specific implementation, I thwart attempts to change to a different mask, because the code to this point depends upon a final output format of Anything else will require more work.

If that isn’t bad enough, there is a definite data type mismatch between the manner in which the framework represents date information, and the way relational databases handle dates.

What makes it even worse is managing user data entry of date information.

The trick here is that some people may enter 1/1/2012, others may enter 01/01/2012, and still others may try to use 1-1-12.

In my mind, all of these should resolve to the same date.

Add this code to the class directly, but it seemed cleaner this way. So, we will use the previous method from a number of locations.

Also, I may decide to extract this method out into its own class (Date String Formatter? First off, directly, and the user is entering text.

When they come to a date field for which they have no data, they skip past it. If you have tried using the Masked Textbox control in a application for the purpose of masking date entry, you know what I mean. Then come back here, and see if my solution might be of help.

I have been stuck working with a rather dull database application at work, and what I needed was a means to perform date entry with the following requirements: What I wanted, for this project, and for general use in whatever other context pops up, was a means to allow the typing in of a date into a text box, validation of the result as a valid date, and the ability for the client code to simply retrieve a nullable datetime object.

But adapting the code to recognize and work with some other format should be a small problem.