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In particular, the lyrics of My Dying Bride, and the orchestral elements of Hans Zimmer's work.Tuomas Holopainen has said that his work is often inspired by film music and fantasy novels.

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You are bound to find something that will let you video chat the way you want.

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You need to sign up using your college’s email (ending with EDU or AC).

You can use this site to fine students from other or even your own universities.

I want people who have one to answer this so I have a few questions: How do you get one?

idk i guss i just want to know like how they work i have an aol or aim one but thats it please help!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nightwish' first three albums were more reminiscent of power metal, but on later albums influences from film music ("Beauty of the Beast", "Ghost Love Score", "The Poet and the Pendulum"), industrial metal ("Bye Bye Beautiful", Wish I Had an Angel") and folk music ("Creek Mary's Blood", "Last of the Wilds") can be heard.

The use of orchestral elements has been present in the studio album releases from Nightwish as of December 31, 2007.

However, as all the members were busy with their own bands, the project was postponed for the future.

The new vocalist for Nightwish was revealed in May 2007; Swede Anette Olzon, who appears on “Dark Passion Play”, released in late August the same year, and as of May, 2008, he is still touring for the album.

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