Updating vmware tools

21-Apr-2020 00:08 by 10 Comments

Updating vmware tools - survivalist dating sight

Today I’ll show you how to manage VMware tools using Power CLI – specifically, updating and installing the tools.

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Using Select-Object with the Expand Property parameter, we can view the current tools status.

Also i am not brave enought to do it automaticaly on the VMs which wouldn't need a restart.

So at the moment i don't plan to update VMWare Tools, i just do it when i have an other scheduled downtime e.g. So if i have to work on something like that, i also do the vmware Tools update too.

As with upgrading, the virtual machine must be running.

Unfortunately, I cannot find any easy way to accomplish this from the desktop.

This will do a silent installation of the VMware Tools followed by an automatic reboot.

Manually installing like this works fine if all you have is a remote desktop connection.

Also be aware that the virtual machine will reboot upon completion unless you include the –No Reboot parameter.

After a few minutes, my virtual machine is up to date in Figure 4.

The techniques I’ve shown here assume you have a Windows-based operating system on your guests.

You will want to keep all of your virtual machines updated, and with Power Shell that doesn’t take much effort at all.

To update tools, there must be an older version already installed. As you can see in Figure 3 there is a progress bar.

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