Updating ssis packages

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(a question mark) and use ordinal positions (0, 1, 2...) as the Parameter name. Net expects you to use the parameter name in both the SQL statement and the Parameters page.In order to use OUTPUT parameters to return values, you must follow these steps while configuring the Execute SQL Task: For other connection types, check out the table on this page Note: if you choose the ADO/ADO.

If you have attempted to use a connection type other than ADO.Add Customer @Customer Name = @Name" failed with the following error: "Must declare the scalar variable "@Name".".Query Is Stored Procedure Indicates whether the specified SQL statement to be run is a stored procedure.Yesterday while trying to get OUTPUT parameters to work with SSIS Execute SQL Task I encountered a lot of problems, which I'm sure other people have experienced.BOL Help is very light on this subject, so consider this the lost page in help.The problem comes about because different providers expect parameters to be declared in different ways.

OLEDB expects parameters to be marked in the SQL statement with ?Execute SQL Task Editor (General Page) ) There's a number of pages in Books Online that address Parameter use with the Execute SQL Task, but none adaquately address using output parameters.Creating a Solid SSIS ETL Solution: Navigation Part 1. There are two minor pieces to go over to complete this rudimentary ETL framework: the Email Task and a report for viewing SSIS execution results.Use ordinal position numbering in order to use OUTPUT parameters with the OLEDB connection type. OUTPUT parameters are extremely useful for returning small fragments of data from SQL Server, instead of having a recordset returned.You might use OUTPUT parameters when you want to load a value into a SSIS Package variable so that the value can be reused in many places. – Email Task and Package Execution Report If you’ve been following along with this series, I just updated the sample files, mainly concerning the report and associated sprocs.

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