Updating django

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In daemon mode, mod_wsgi spawns an independent daemon process that handles requests.The daemon process can run as a different user than the Web server, possibly leading to improved security, and the daemon process can be restarted without restarting the entire Apache Web server, possibly making refreshing your codebase more seamless.

We highly recommend and only officially support the latest release of each series.

Without Our main use case at Atari for all of this is updating a user’s billing information, specifically their next billing date for people on monthly cycles.

Due to the nature of MMOs, it is possible that someone could redeem a game-time card at the exact moment that a background task is processing them for monthly billing.

Django supports many different database servers and is officially supported with Postgre SQL, My SQL, Oracle and SQLite.

If you are developing a simple project or something you don’t plan to deploy in a production environment, SQLite is generally the simplest option as it doesn’t require running a separate server.

Consult the mod_wsgi documentation to determine which mode is right for your setup.

Make sure you have Apache installed, with the mod_wsgi module activated.Unlike older versions of Django, Django’s own deprecation warnings are no longer displayed by default. This change allows third-party apps to support both Django 1.11 LTS and Django 1.8 LTS without having to add code to avoid deprecation warnings.Following the release of Django 2.0, we suggest that third-party app authors drop support for all versions of Django prior to 1.11.Support for Post GIS 2.0 is also removed as Postgre SQL 9.2 is the last version to support it.Also, the minimum supported version of psycopg2 is increased from 2.4.5 to 2.5.4.Distribution-provided packages will typically allow for automatic installation of dependencies and easy upgrade paths; however, these packages will rarely contain the latest release of Django. This will help you stay on top of any new features you might want to use, as well as any changes you’ll need to make to your code when updating your copy of Django.