Updating action replay ds

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Characters unlock new abilities and improve their stats as they level up.In the 3D versions, additional customization is available in the form of Augments, that allow characters to use different abilities.

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After Final Fantasy III was finished the team started Final Fantasy IV with the idea of a slightly more action-based, dynamic overworld rather than keeping combat as a separate thing, but the project wound up "not being IV anymore" and was eventually released as Seiken Densetsu 2 (Secret of Mana).Each character has certain strengths and weaknesses, including either spellcasting powers or other special abilities, based on their job.Characters gain abilities as they gain experience from battles.As punishment for disloyalty, the king strips Cecil of his title, and orders him and Kain Highwind to win back his trust by sending him to the village of Mist.This sets Cecil off on an adventure in which he and many other allies he meets must uncover the truth and save the world from monsters.This makes it similar to the way spellcasters gain spells in Dungeons & Dragons, as opposed to the purchasing of spells in the original Final Fantasy.

Unlike the original Final Fantasy, almost no time is needed to level grind to advance to the next area, as long as the party does not escape from the majority of random encounters.Final Fantasy IV is the first game to use the Active Time Battle system, in which characters' moves are represented by a gauge and they can perform an action when the gauge is full.A party consists of up to five characters, each with two unique abilities.Examples include the Behemoth, the Antlion, and the final boss.Dealing with these enemies requires a variety of strategies, including avoiding using attacks that trigger a counter, using disabling status effects to prevent counters, or using attacks that can kill the enemy in a single hit.Another new addition is save points, which became a staple feature.