Updating a clob field

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Updating a clob field - dating female prisoners wisconsin

This clause is useful if you want to accomplish the shrink operation in two shorter steps rather than one longer step.For an index or index-organized table, specifying clause, which follows) and compacts the segment more densely than does a coalesce operation, which can improve performance.

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Use the Note: When you add a column to an index-organized table, Oracle Database evaluates the maximum size of each column to estimate the largest possible row.This type of policy instructs the database to compress the table and its dependent objects, such as indexes and Secure Files LOBs, when the condition specified in the to create a row-level compression policy.This type of policy instructs the database to compress database blocks in which all the rows have not been modified for a specified period of time.Parameter values specified in this clause apply only to the overflow data segment.lets you add an overflow data segment to the specified index-organized table.When creating a row-level policy, you must specify Use this clause to specify a storage tiering policy.

This type of policy instructs the database to migrate data to a specified tablespace, either when a specified condition is met or when data usage reaches a specified limit.

[NO] ROW ARCHIVAL Specify this clause to enable or disable .

MODIFY CLUSTERING Use this clause to allow or disallow attribute clustering for the table during direct-path insert operations or data movement operations.

Use the to explicitly deallocate unused space at the end of the table, partition or subpartition, overflow data segment, LOB data segment, or LOB index and make the space available for other segments in the tablespace.

is relevant for object tables and for relational tables with object columns.

To enable or disable triggers, the triggers must be in your schema or you must have the clause to specify the compression type.

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