Trina and nicki minaj dating

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This is actually my second fragrance, and the amazing thing is that you get to be involved with the smell, scent and other aspects. You have a certain type of intuition of what you want to smell like.For me, I like to smell sweet and soft, plus it has to be long lasting.

DX: In 2010 you dealt with the leaking of personal photos.

I know for myself, as soon as I heard that, I checked my phone and started erasing everything.

I don’t care if it was me kissing someone or a topless photo on the beach, I started erasing because I know the feeling of that is so annoying, and you feel so violated.

I’ve been with the majors, and I enjoyed my time with them. I’ve learned so much between Atlantic, Slip-N-Slide and EMI to know how to control and do my own business. I did it so much that I started to become the character.

I would be with regular people talking like I was on set.

My friends would have to tell me I wasn’t on set anymore. I’m definitely considering some acting and some TV. I’m very spontaneous and a people person so television could be a great thing.

In the past, she's used social media to hint at future romantic relationships and even post hilariously fake pregnancy announcements, but it's one of her latest Twitter posts that's really got her fans chomping at the bit.The creative process is pretty amazing because you really get to see how things actually happen as opposed to going to the store and buying a bottle.There’s a process for how the bottle looks, the packaging and even making sure it’s allergy tested.Trina would soon enough gain her first that you have a fragrance in the works. Explain what actually goes into the process of creating a fragrance.Trina: As a woman, I love to smell great, and I love perfume, so that’s one of my loves outside of music.DX: Once you made the announcement of you parting ways with Slip-N-Slide, you made the decision to go the independent route despite rumors of you moving to MMG. For an artist that’s been in the game for a while; you understand how to put together a great record and understand the ground work that goes into everything. Being an independent artist myself with my own company, that’s more money for me. The album sales for the standard artist is down– extremely down—and I’m talking about big artist on major record labels who are used to selling four or five million records.