Trend micro not updating

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Trend micro not updating - dating site detective

About 10 years ago, “best practices” formed around extensive testing of patches before deploying them.

From the user’s perspective, there is a growing frustration with the dreaded “Configuring updates. Making matters worse is the unpredictable nature of application behaviour post-patch.

This is where machine learning models and behavioural analysis running on the endpoint is critical.

Finally, phishing emails continue to be the most effective method of malware distribution—even though it might not be the case with Wanna Cry.

This means that most cyberattacks are currently While the problem and solutions are technical in nature, getting the work done starts with communications. What do you think about legacy systems and patching?

How are you tackling these issues in your organizations?

Inter Continental Hotels Group (IHG) – April 2017 What happened: One of the world’s largest hotel chains, Inter Continental Hotels Group (IHG), posted a now-deleted announcement back in April detailing that malware was found in its systems.

The malware was designed to access credit card data at multiple hotel locations.The gut reaction from those on the sidelines was–understandably–”Why haven’t they patched their systems?” Like most issues in the digital world, it’s just not that simple.Security teams need to help the rest of the IT teams explain the need to invest in updating legacy infrastructure. After all, the business processes have adapted to these systems and from a workflow process, they are reliable.(and these numbers are only for remotely exploitable vulnerabilities! Your organization is not going to be impacted by all of these, but it’s fair to say that you’ll face a decision about a critical vulnerability once a month.Patching is a critical issue and it needs the entire IT organization working with the rest of the business to be effective.

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