Transferability and updating of disaggregate travel demand models

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Transferability and updating of disaggregate travel demand models - dating plainfeld in

Such a study can help you clarify your requirements, identify good ways of satisfying them, and understand what it will take to do so.Bowman has conducted studies for the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), the Tampa Bay region of Florida, and the Danish Road Directorate (Vejdirektoratet).

transferability and updating of disaggregate travel demand models-35

The content can be customized to meet your needs, including such topics as needs and benefits, data and staff requirements, how to go about a model development project, technical workings of the AB model, or model development methods.

The former approach allows the analyst to test which specific coefficients in the model are transferable and which are not, while the latter approach tests the transferability of a model as a whole.

In addition, the hypothesis that pooling data from different geographical contexts helps in estimating better transferable models than those developed from a single context was tested.

This paper examines the temporal transferability of the zonal accident prediction models by using appropriate evaluation measures of predictive performance to assess whether the relationship between the dependent and independent variables holds reasonably well across time.

The two temporal contexts are the years 19, with updated 1996 models being used to predict 2001 accidents in each traffic zone of the City of Toronto.

Examples of Day Sim functionality that Bowman has incorporated in this way include: --park and ride mode with lot capacity constraints and fill levels that vary by time of day.

(Sacramento) --partially joint half tours (e.g., when a parent drops off a child at school on the way to work.) (Seattle and Copenhagen) --transit and bicycle mode combinations, including bike-park-ride-walk, bike-park-ride-bike, and bike-on-board (Copenhagen) Enhancements currently under consideration include: --automated base year calibration and future year pivoting within Day Sim using base year trip matrices --incorporation of shared mobility services (car share or bike share) --incorporation of autonomous vehicles Bowman can provide instruction in all aspects of activity-based models.Or he can serve as a subcontractor to a larger consulting firm.In either case, he usually provides the model design services, implements customization and new features in the Day Sim software, and estimates models.The estimation-based approach yields encouraging results in favour of model transferability, with a majority of the coefficients in a pooled model found to be transferrable.Pooling data from different geographical contexts appears to help in developing better transferable models but careful attention is needed in selecting the geographical contexts to pool the data from.In some cases he also manages the project, processes the input data for model development, and technically guides the other aspects of the project.

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