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At the 80th Academy Awards, Cyrus was asked to present the song from Enchanted, 'That's How You Know.'In April 2008, she appeared on Idol Gives Back, a fundraising offshoot of the hugely popular American Idol show.In 2006, Disney released a soundtrack to the Hannah Montana series, with Cyrus performing on the album.

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Gary Marsh, a Disney Channel Executive described Miley as having the "everyday relatability of Hillary Duff and the stage presence of Shania Twain."Miley eventually gained the lead role, playing Miley Stewart. Cyrus also briefly appeared in the film High School Musical 2.In 2008, a series of semi-naked shots of Miley leaked which appeared to dramatically increase her sales, and in 2009 she was named youngest artist to have had four number one albums.2008 also saw her release her second studio album 'Breakout' which was later certified Platinum. That year she voiced Penny in the animated movie 'Bolt'.The following year, however, it was announced that they had split.Miley caused quite a stir in 2012 when she decided to cut her long hair into a pixie crop.She appeared alongside Helena Bonham Carter and Ewan Mc Gregor in Tim Burton's Big Fish, as 'Young Ruthie', in 2003.

Aged 12, Cyrus auditioned for the lead role in Disney's Hannah Montana but the casting directors decided that she was too small.She subsequently appeared on a variety of songs from other musicians including Snoop Lion's 'Ashtrays and Heartbreaks','s 'Fall Down' and Lil Twist's 'Twerk'.2013 also saw her play a successful acoustic show for MTV Unplugged which became their highest rated episode.In 2009, she appeared in 'Hannah Montana: The Movie', the soundtrack for which featured her top 40 hit 'The Climb'.That year she also featured on the Stand Up to Cancer campaign single 'Just Stand Up! Miley's next album was 'The Time of Our Lives' which she promoted with her Wonder World Tour.She first appeared on screen as a guest star in her father's TV show, Doc.