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On April 3, 2017, Vice reported on its "Motherboard" website that Amihai Neiderman, an Israeli security expert, has found more than 40 zero-day vulnerabilities in Tizen's code, allowing hackers to remotely access a wide variety of current Samsung products running Tizen, such as Smart TVs and mobile phones.

In 2011 the Mee Go project was abandoned by its peers with Intel joining forces with Samsung to create Tizen, a new project based on code from SLP.Today, we have sophisticated methods for recycling just about anything.So it makes sense to give every encouragement to throw nothing away.Ignore them, since they are responsible for the tsunami of excess packaging which blights our every purchase.The most welcome story of the week is the news that Sainsbury is being taken to court for over- wrapping meat. While we're at it, why not bring back rag and bone men, offering hard cash and goldfish for unwanted clothes and domestic appliances?Even though I didn't realise it at the time, I was in the vanguard of the recycling movement.

It was in the early 1960s, before 'global warming' had been invented, and I was still in short trousers.

We're talking pennies, old pennies, but it all added up.

A penny bought you four Black Jack liquorice chews. We'd search the streets for discarded bottles to return. It didn't matter where they'd been bought, any shop or off-licence which sold that particular brand would give you a refund. Then, one day, we spotted that the shop at the end of the road put out the empties in the back yard for collection.

That's when the bottom fell out of our recycling racket.

Later, cans and plastic bottles replaced glass and the refundable deposit went the way of all flesh.

They'd be combing the gutters for cans and bottles to return - the green equivalent of Sherlock Holmes's Baker Street Irregulars.

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    One newspaper reported: "It is a fact that the location of Fort Des Moines among the Sac and Fox Indians (under its present commander) for the last two years, had corrupted them more and lowered them deeper in the scale of vice and degradation, than all their intercourse with the whites for the ten years previous".

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    Other people also want everything you want, and there are more than 7.5 BILLION of them running around this little planet we call Earth!

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    She values family and will do everything in order to keep it united.