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She said if she doesn’t have a mellowing effect on the council her election might be considered a failure. #214 or download at: one hundred professional artists and craftspeople open up their studios and workspaces to the public. The next President’s ability to govern will be greatly hindered if the election is decided by voting irregularities in Florida.

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Way) Call Maggie or Suzanne, 644-6107 Read a Play Together Salon - p.m. Described as something beyond dinner and a movie, the folks at Whymsium invite you to share your interests and explore your hobbies. Identical food baskets will also be distributed about two weeks before Christmas.7 election and took her district with 57 percent of the vote. general, seniors and students Call 408-733-8110 “From Swastikas to Jim Crow” a.m. Donald and Lore Rasmussen of Berkeley, and Jim Mc Williams of Oakland, discuss their experiences and the experiences of others who fled Nazi Germany and ended up teaching in African-American colleges in the segregated south. BRJCC members; general Call 848-0237 x127 Weird Rooms 3 - 5 p.m. Mal and Sandra Sharpe discuss people who collect unusual things and how their collections take over their rooms. Oakland Sponsored by the Neighborhood Parents Network, this panel discussion allows parents the opportunity to speak with representatives from local preschools. Richard Register Berkeley Berkeley Daily Planet Staff Reports Tuesday the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office, Juvenile Division, leveled new charges against five of the juveniles suspected in two separate cases of sexual assault on a 12-year-old middle school student, Berkeley police said in a news release. 25 assaults at and around Willard Middle School, the DA charged an 11-year-old boy with one felony count of sexual assault.She is considered a moderate and will be replacing Diane Woolley, a moderate who did not run for re-election. Free to NPN members, general Call 527-6667 Thursday, Dec. Two boys, 12, were charged with two felony counts of sexual assault and two misdemeanor counts of sexual assault.Those who work and know her are saying if anyone can promote civil discourse on Berkeley’s City Council, it’s District 5 Councilmember elect Miriam “Mim” Hawley. If leadership is one of the most important qualities of being president, then let’s hope Messrs.Having morning coffee in a popular District 5 cafe, Hawley said she is concerned about the expectation that she will be able to create civil discourse on Berkeley’s sometimes contentious City Council. Bush and Gore take pause and demonstrate that there is something much more important at stake here than the brass ring. David Olson Berkeley Editor: The abuse of 19,000 ballots in Palm Beach County requires a re-vote of the Presidential race in that county.“She will bring an open mind to issues” said Anne Henderson, who has worked with Hawley at the League of Women Voters. - Reservations: 845-5373 Tibetan Nyingma Open House 3 -5 p.m. Bruce Joffe Oakland Editor: I’d suggest the proper federal body call a run-off election by around mid December and get on with getting on. But, having gone through part of what we are going through now and many of us leery of going through the rest of it and giving it to our children, let’s also call for a Continental Congress to look eyeball to eyeball at the changes the world has gone through in our dear nation and around the planet. There, we would almost certainly get rid of the Electoral College.

“She really listens to people and after debates and disagreements people come away feeling as though they’ve at least been listened to and that’s important.” The only new addition to the council, Hawley faced four other candidates in the Nov. (at Colusa Cir.) Kensington These two groups meet on the second Sunday of each month. is for prospective parents, the one at noon for parents. Tibetan Nyingma Institute 1815 Highland Place Rima Tamar, storyteller and Dharma Publishing sales director, tells some classic Buddhist stories. Tibetan Nyingma Institute 1815 Highland Place A free introduction to Tibetan Buddhist culture, including a Tibetan yoga demonstration and a meditation garden tour. First Congregational Church 2345 Channing Way Performing the music of Giovanni Gabrieli, Claudio Merulo, Giovanni Croce, and others. Oakland Jan Faulkner will give a slide show presentation of about her book, “Ethnic Notions.” Call 832-4438 Wednesday, Dec. Piedmont Avenue Elementary School 4314 Piedmont Ave. Join veteran alpine climber Kitty Calhoun in a slide presentation of her 20-year climbing career. Most people thought, “gee, isn’t it one person one vote in this country? We don’t have enough time, this time, to get rid of the electoral college good and proper, so.... Then we might like to extend rights to animals and plants in our extended Bill of Rights, recognizing how tenuous thousands of species very existence has become, add a Bill of Responsibilities mentioning “the seventh generation” idea from our first peoples as if our descendants will have rights, and check into proper political response to other things about today’s world that are definitely way different from the good-start semi-democracy of the “Founding Fathers.” This time maybe we could call it the “Refounding Parents.” I’m sure other people have a few ideas for some reassessments in the face of very different times.

She added it’s important to have as much short-term parking as possible for shoppers. South Berkeley is in need of revitalization that should include housing as well as shopping areas, she said. “I wish Blue’s Roofing would have used a little better judgment.

As an AC Transit director, Hawley worked on the 376 bus line in north Richmond. They could have waited another day or two.” Vernon said that his company will have to re-do the roof when the weather clears and hopes that next time there won’t be any rain.

“My life is a story of retiring and then changing my mind,” she said. Fisher’s “Two Towns in Provence: Map of Another Town & A Considerable Town.” New members are always welcome. University of Creation Spirituality 2141 Broadway Ave. general, seniors/students, 18 and under Call 925-798-1300 Saturday, Dec. “There’s no way to stop it at this point,” Daniel Akagi civil engineer for the city said.

Instead of retiring, Hawley just made a career change. Oakland Share peace and tranquillity communally and regain harmony and balance. “ It’s going straight into the bay.” According to Michael Vernon, manager of Blue’s Roofing Company, the acrylic paint is non toxic and is used for aesthetic reasons.

Way) Call Maggie or Suzanne, 644-6107 Disaster Council Meeting 7 p.m. Tuition for all three classes: general public; JJC members, seniors and students Individual classes: general; JJC members, seniors and students Call 848-0237 Parks & Recreation Board 7 p.m. North Berkeley Senior Center 1901 Hearst (at MLK Jr. Call 845-9010 Alternative Building Materials 10 a.m. Tibetan Nyingma Institute 1815 Highland Place Lee Nichol on Tarthang Tulku’s “Time, Space, and Knowledge.” Free 843-6812 Richmond Holiday Arts Festival Noon - 4 p.m. Richmond A silent auction, craft sale, gifts and services auction, and hands-on art projects. Free 620-6772 Kitka’s “Wintersongs Holiday Tour” 7 p.m. First Floor Conference Room Youth Commission 6 p.m. Additional donations were made by the Berkeley Rotary Club and the First Presbyterian Church.