The dating game contestants

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The dating game contestants

Name That Food The object of the game is to identify foods that appear on a screen and then eat that food.One of the contestants is willing to eat every food shown, while the other contestant refuses. The prizes, as displayed by a woman resembling a schoolteacher, are various Guy Smiley merchandise (such as a Guy Smiley Lunchbox, a Guy Smiley backpack, a Guy Smiley pencil set, a Guy Smiley coloring book, and a book about Guy Smiley's amazing life story.) The Eating Game Another spoof of The Dating Game, the object is for a plate (Fran Brill) is to ask questions to three different types of food, and then pick which one the contestant wants to take to dinner.

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The prize is whatever the contestant correctly matches.The last group is a cow, a tree, and a haystack, who all belong on land.Squeal of Fortune A parody of Wheel of Fortune, hosted by Pat Playjacks with the help of Velma Blank.Since Oscar gets to have whatever he wants for a prize, he asks Guy Smiley to get lost.Say the Word In the manner of Password, one contestant must get his partner to say the secret word ("Stop") by giving him clues.The Crying Game In this game, Sonny tells a sad story, and whoever cries the hardest wins.

However, after Sonny learns that the prize is his own teddy bear, he cries the hardest and wins.The winning prize is a trip around the world, but Cookie opts to eat the shapes instead.The Waiting Game Guy Smiley puts Cookie Monster on "The Waiting Game".The contestants in this skit are Cookie Monster and Bill Smith.The Anything-in-the-World Prize Game Guy Smiley asks questions to random people on the street. His guest for this skit is Oscar the Grouch, who doesn't want to be bothered by Guy Smiley and accidentally gets every answer right.The first three contestants are rejected because their dancing partners are not triangles; Chris flamenco-dances with a hexagon, Gordon square-dances with a square, and Maria tangos with The Elephant. Johnson doesn't have anything that starts with G, but wins due to Grover thinking of him as a gentleman.

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    But it didn’t work out for the pair with the son of footballer George Best not feeling the vibe and telling her he would not be going on another date on last night’s show.