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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has done the nation a service by warning that the presidential election may be “rigged.” What he didn’t say is that President Barack Obama has done everything in his power for eight years to make sure that American citizens have their votes canceled out by illegal aliens, dead people, and fraudulent voters across the country.The Obama administration has stopped efforts to end voter fraud time and again. Suing North Carolina over voter ID In 2013, North Carolina passed a new law that required voters to show a state ID, required citizens to vote in the district where they live, and made other anti-fraud reforms.

— America desperately needs a real change – a president who will put American manufacturing, American jobs, American soldiers, and American voters first.

But if Obama has his way, that president won’t take office in January, even if he wins.

I made you another pastry braid, because I can’t help myself.

President Obama joined the NAACP and other liberal activist groups in suing the state.

Last month, a three-judge panel struck down the law.

“There is reason to believe non-citizen voting changed one state’s Electoral College votes in 2008, delivering North Carolina to Obama,” according to a 2014 study from Old Dominion University. Trump asked, “Why aren’t we having voter ID (laws)…as opposed to somebody coming up and voting 15 times for Hillary? Leaving illegal aliens and the dead on the rolls in Florida Just ahead of the 2012 election, the Justice Department filed a lawsuit to stop the state of Florida from removing 53,000 dead people from the voting rolls and another 2,700 registered voters who were not even legal citizens.

Even though it’s a felony for non-citizens to vote, the “Justice” Department sued to protect the law-breakers and quash the law. Obama sues his own government to let illegals vote Sometimes an honest person gets a government job, even in an administration as corrupt as the Obama’s.

For instance, neither Mike nor I cared about flowers or decorations.

We didn’t care about whether or not we got married in a church. Neither of us wanted a long ceremony or special music. We weren’t concerned with anything looking fancy, but it had to taste really good.

The Obama administration joined a group of left-wing activists in suing its own government official – something the federal judge overseeing the case called “unprecedented.” — 4.

Blatantly disregarding the law Federal law requires states to check its list of registered voters and remove anyone who is dead or no longer a resident.

We’ve been sold this idea of what a wedding should be (flowers, aisles, centerpieces, favors, towering cakes, princess dresses) and when I was planning my wedding, I felt a weird pressure to conform to that.