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We also weren’t super into a traditional reception with a DJ and decorated tables and wedding favors. I’d heard stories of receptions where the newlyweds barely got to eat and that just wouldn’t work for me.

Or what if they could tell I couldn’t afford a super nice cake?These thoughts, in turn, pissed me off — why did I feel obligated to go into debt executing this vision I didn’t even personally care about? Here’s what we did: The key trick that helped me plan a cheap ceremony was prioritizing the things that mattered to us and cutting out the things that didn’t.That sounds so obvious, but when Mike and I sat down to talk about it, we realized that a lot of the “weddingy” things we’d been planning didn’t matter to either of us.But if Obama has his way, that president won’t take office in January, even if he wins.I made you another pastry braid, because I can’t help myself.Wedding shoes are more expensive than regular shoes.

Wedding venues are more expensive than regular venues.We’ve been sold this idea of what a wedding should be (flowers, aisles, centerpieces, favors, towering cakes, princess dresses) and when I was planning my wedding, I felt a weird pressure to conform to that.The thought of scaling down to save money embarrassed me.But before we get to that, how about some wedding talk?My wedding was over a year ago, but it only just occurred to me that I could share how I threw together an inexpensive wedding.Officially, the feds said they were only there to prevent “discrimination,” but CNN reported that the government helped those who spoke no English — including Detroit’s “growing Muslim population” — vote for president.