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It therefore remains unclear how social media can be included in interventions that aim at informing young people in many countries of the global South about sexual and reproductive health.

The government has vowed to end the flesh trade…Most of them are either forced into this or enter it on their own to meet their family’s needs…According to her Facebook profile, she was “Deja Stwalley,” and her photo showed a youngish blonde woman in a blue romper.

The doors are locked…and customers can only enter by appointment.

White panels cover the windows, for privacy…The village is investigating whether the store owner lied on the business application.

La manière dont les médias sociaux peuvent être inclus dans des interventions de santé sexuelle et génésique visant à informer les jeunes de beaucoup de pays du Sud demeure floue.

Cet article présente les conclusions d’une étude à méthodologie mixte sur le comportement des jeunes usagers sur Internet et précisément les médias sociaux comme plateforme de promotion de la santé sexuelle en Tanzanie.

The study used questionnaires with 60 adolescents and in-depth interviews with eight students aged 15 to 19 years in Dar es Salaam, and in Mtwara, Southern Tanzania.

Findings show that youth in Dar es Salaam and Mtwara access the internet mainly through mobile phones. Adolescents highlighted their interest in reproductive and sexual health messages and updates being delivered through humorous posts, links and clips, as well as by youth role models like music stars and actors that are entertaining and reflect up-to-date trends of modern youth culture.Por ello, no queda claro cómo incluir los medios sociales en intervenciones cuyo objetivo es informar a las personas jóvenes en muchos países del Sur mundial acerca de la salud sexual y reproductiva.Este artículo presenta los hallazgos de un estudio de métodos combinados sobre el comportamiento de personas jóvenes como usuarias del internet, en particular sobre los medios sociales de comunicación como plataforma para la promoción de la salud sexual en Tanzania.Social media form part of the rapid worldwide digital development that is re-shaping the life of many young people.While the use of social media by youths is increasingly researched in the North, studies about youth in the South are missing.That could result in people being improperly associated with groups, such as gangs, with which they have no actual affiliation”…Oklahoma police agencies are being equipped with devices that allow officers to scan prepaid debit cards and [steal] funds linked to them…The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety has purchased Electronic Recovery and Access to Data machines for installation in Oklahoma Highway Patrol and Oklahoma City police cruisers…The device [allows pigs to root in] the balance of prepaid debit cards and gift cards, and allows them to [steal] the money if they [pretend] it’s suspicious.

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