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Los hallazgos muestran que la juventud de Dar es Salaam y Mtwara Town accede al internet principalmente por medio de teléfonos móviles. Los adolescentes destacaron su interés en recibir mensajes y actualizaciones sobre salud sexual y reproductiva por medio de posts humorísticos, enlaces, clips y modelos de conducta para la juventud, tales como estrellas de la música y actores, que son entretenidos y reflejan las tendencias de la cultura de la juventud moderna.

It therefore remains unclear how social media can be included in interventions that aim at informing young people in many countries of the global South about sexual and reproductive health.

This paper presents findings of a mixed-methods study of young people’s user behaviour on the internet and specifically of social media as a platform for sexual health promotion in Tanzania.

Facebook est de loin le site le plus populaire sur la Toile.

Les adolescents ont souligné qu’ils souhaitaient que les messages et informations de santé sexuelle et génésique soient diffusés par des publications, des liens et des clips humoristiques, ainsi que par des modèles de rôle comme des chanteurs et acteurs qui soient divertissants et reflètent les tendances actuelles de la culture moderne des jeunes.

However, the village attorney said civil rights laws may protect against any action against the business.[A Zimbabwe] regional magistrate Dambudzo Malunga has lashed out at a Grade Seven pupil for alleging that she was raped and infected with a sexually transmitted infection, only for medical results to reveal that her alleged rapist never had an STI.

The…suspect…has been found not guilty…Magistrate Malunga then…lashed out at the…girl [claiming she] “has experience in having sex with different men and would charge them for her services”…The Telangana Government…has been organising campaigns to drive [sex workers] out of the town.The study used questionnaires with 60 adolescents and in-depth interviews with eight students aged 15 to 19 years in Dar es Salaam, and in Mtwara, Southern Tanzania.Findings show that youth in Dar es Salaam and Mtwara access the internet mainly through mobile phones. Adolescents highlighted their interest in reproductive and sexual health messages and updates being delivered through humorous posts, links and clips, as well as by youth role models like music stars and actors that are entertaining and reflect up-to-date trends of modern youth culture.Les médias sociaux font partie du développement numérique rapide qui transforme la vie de beaucoup de jeunes dans le monde.Si l’utilisation des médias sociaux par les jeunes fait l’objet de recherches accrues dans le Nord, les études sur les jeunes du Sud font défaut.The National Institute for Standards and Technology began its initiative to refine automated tattoo recognition technology for the FBI in 2014…[it] collected 15,000 images of tattoos from arrestees and inmates and distributed the images to third parties…to test tattoo recognition algorithms…Now the institute is prepared to begin a new, larger experiment using 100,000 tattoo images that will sort people and their tattoos based on images…the institute…says tattoos can suggest affiliation to gangs, subcultures, religious or ritualistic beliefs or political ideology…EFF says…“This type of tattoo matching could sweep up fans of the same bands or members of the same labor union or military unit.