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HERE, the condoms are placed in their final protective wrapper.THESE machines both electronically test, and then wrap each condom.

Here, the host gives an introduction of what we’re going to see and why.OVERVIEW: Narrated by a charismatic, young host, and produced in the vein of UNWRAPPED, the Trojan Unrolled Factory Tour is an informational, exclusive inside look at what goes into the creation and testing of a TROJAN.The host will appear in a laboratory education office (staged), surrounded by Trojan products, glass condom molds, renderings of the glass tubes, scientific data regarding the quality control and testing procedures, checklists, etc.All aspects of the manufacturing process are closely monitored and controlled to assure the condoms are consistently made to deliver a satisfying experience every time.VISUALS: *Show the selection of glass tubes followed by the variety of different products they will eventually create.HOST ON CAMERA: Custom glass molds, like THESE [show glass mold set] are used to produce wide variety of condom types. The molds are dipped not only once, but twice to assure that a strong, thin film of latex is produced.

A latex ring at the open end of the condom is formed to assure a secure fit; then the condoms are removed from their molds.Throughout the narration the host will guide the audience through the condom production and testing process.Visually, the video will look and feel like a virtual tour of a high end hotel or club.If a circuit is completed, there is a defect in the condom and it doesn’t make the grade.If the circuit is not completed, we have a perfect condom—an impermeable barrier to sperm and STI pathogens.The molds are washed and dried for another cycle of dipping.

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