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HOST ON CAMERA: Custom glass molds, like THESE [show glass mold set] are used to produce wide variety of condom types. The molds are dipped not only once, but twice to assure that a strong, thin film of latex is produced.

To get a sense of what that looks like, take a look at our manufacturing line, or “dipping” process, where we form hundreds of new latex condoms per minute. HOST VO: 3,000 molds just like these are run on each side of the dipping line.

These condoms are made in many shapes, styles, and sizes, and every single one of them is tested to ensure it meets the highest government and industry quality standards before it is packaged and shipped. With innovations in design, we now live in a time when couples actually want to use condoms to enhance their sexual experiences together.

But condoms…no matter who manufactures them, which style, or how thin they are, remain FDA-regulated medical devices.

HOST ON CAMERA: (NOTE: confirming we will retain the “tour guide” approach and not attempt to provide some rationale re: why our host is walking the audience through the Trojan factory) Hello, and welcome to a tour of how condoms are made.

Every day, more than one million condoms are produced at the Trojan condom manufacturing facility.

Steadi Cam shooting and close up slow motion footage will be used.

After viewing the factory, the production team will implement use of macro lenses, LED and Ring lighting, and close up tracking shots.HERE, the condoms are placed in their final protective wrapper.THESE machines both electronically test, and then wrap each condom.The molds are washed and dried for another cycle of dipping.The condoms are then washed in a solution that gives these condoms a silky, smooth feel.THE VIDEOS Because watching the movie is usually easier than reading the book, this page features videos designed to sharpen your condom savvy on everything from basic condom how-to’s, to how condoms are made, to condom history.