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A number of individuals, usually for religious reasons, chose to have only one meal a day.There may have been others whose meals were similarly limited from lack of resources, but we do not hear of them." ---A Handbook of Anglo-Saxon Food: Processing and Consumption, Ann Hagen [Anglo Saxon Books:1992] (p.

So it appears there was a main, midday meal, though this might be put back to mid-afternoon, or later, for which the term was ge-reordung or non-mete.

When meals were taken, or even how many meals a day there were, varied according to the calendar, social class, and personal preference.

The novice of the Colloquy seems to eat first soon after midday...

Morever, in large establishments, serving meals at set hours would have saved time.

Punctual meals were particularly important in monasteries where the offices had to be observed.

They also depend upon the socio-economic class of the person who was eating.

If you are studying the meal times of a specific place/people/period please let us know.Gluttony consisted of eating before the time of the meal, as well as taking too much.Regular mealtimes seem to have been seen as evidence of an ordered, civilised life.Three meals a day were accepted as reasonable by most later sixteenth-century writers, such as Andrew Borde, although he thought that this was only good for the labouring man: anyone else should be content with two.It has been suggested that breakfast was only eaten by children and workmen, but certainly by the fifteenth century it was quite commonly taken by everyone....although the 1478 household ordinance of Edward IV specified that only residents down to the rank of squires should have breakfast, except by special order...These meals consisted of breakfast at a very early hour to allow for dinner at about 9 a.m., or not later than 10.00 a.m., and supper probably before it got dark, perhas at 3.00 p.m. The times and number of meals were originally derived from the hours of devotions of the Church.

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