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Speed dating in leeds uk

Remarkable that they repainted these buses so thoroughly when they only had two year’s life.

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Did they have some sort of contractual commitment to Guy?

On Saturdays the 2150 from Wakefield bus station ran as far a Tong Cemetery returning from there to Wakefield at . I managed to pick up a West Riding Time Table for 1970 somewhere along the rallies I attended so was able to check with that.

I could never understand why West Riding persevered with the Wulfrunian for so long after the shortcomings must have been fairly obvious with the first batch.

In 1935, a batch of nine Leyland TD5, with almost identical bodies were delivered to Tyneside. However, some controversy exist as to who actually built them.

The design is unquestionably ECW, but some accounts have them being built ‘presumably subcontract or under licence’ by Charles H Roe.

Just a guess, but I think the reason why West Riding kept taking repeat batches of Wulfrunians in fact right up to 1965 when it was pretty obvious from the first batch that the design was flawed was because they had to keep faith with Guy Motors because I was told the West Riding GM who had a massive input in its design & actually got West Riding to build it.

I think the West Riding GM was called Ronald Brook and he touted the Wulfrunian design around various manufacturers, AEC being mentioned.

I visited all the other depots in the city but this one escaped my notice.

I was told that West Street was a former Greyhound coach depot, actually in Trinity Street.

The flaw in them must really have been the Gardner engine, oddly enough- too big, too heavy.

Yes, it looks like the old Wakefield Bus Station with Union St behind.

The failings must have been wider than the problem of combining a heavy front engine with the entrance as the two Accrington ones had rear entrances and a much reduced front overhang but they still didn’t last long.