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6 You will also receive testimony, Your 7 Honor, from some experts. One will be an expert 8 witness testifying as to the doctrine and policies 9 of the Catholic church regarding artificial life 10 support. 11 Q Did Terri have any close friends in 12 particular in the given her 5 grandmother's condition?

10 On that day close to ten years ago, my 11 client, Mr. Her 12 parents lost their dreams and hopes of a full life 13 with their daughter and her siblings, and friends 14 lost a shining presence in their lives. 2 You will hear disputed evidence as to 3 the cognition of Theresa Schiavo. " She says, "If I ever have to be a burden 2 to anybody, I don't want to live like that." 3 Q You made reference -- did you say 4 anything in response 'Co that? 3 A Her uncle had paralyzed -- I believe his 4 right arm was paralyzed, I believe. I am sure you 4 will hear evidence by the respondent that they 5 believe Theresa is aware of their presence. 22 She says, "I'm kind of concerned about leaving." 23 I told her, "Your mom said to go." She says, 24 "Well, I'm concerned about my grandmother. 5 A I told her that -- I told her that she 6 should remember that for me, too. That she is 18 in a permanent vegetative condition. 19 You will also hear doctor's evidence 20 that the process of removal of a feeding tube and 21 the death process involved there takes seven to 22 ten days. A patient quickly develops an electrolyte 24 imbalance which causes death within a short time, 25 and that death as a result of this process is not 8 1 painful. 32 1 Q Did you observe any infirmities in the 2 uncle? 2 Whatever the outcome of this case, everyone has 3 lost.

A little less than ten years ago, February 4 1990, a beautiful vivacious young woman's heart 5 stopped beating.

8 You will also hear testimony from 9 Theresa's father that if Terri needed open heart 10 surgery, he would choose to have open heart 11 surgery performed on her rather than have her die.

12 You will hear testimony from her father that if 13 Theresa developed gangrene and limbs needed to be 14 amputated, he would choose to have that for his 15 daughter.

You will 18 hear evidence that Theresa wanted to become 19 pregnant. Was under a 20 doctor's care to become pregnant, and while under 21 that doctor's care, developed a potassium 22 imbalance which caused her heart to stop beating, 23 which caused the incident in question. How he has been termed, as he 7 has been termed, as a nursing home administrator's 8 worst nightmare. 0 That he could not process his thoughts quick 10 enough with his answers.

How he has gotten for Theresa a 9 level of care that most other patients would not 10 have received. 11 Q Again, why was Terri concerned about her 12 uncle because of her grandmother?

You 15 will also hear evidence that Theresa once had a 16 weight problem. It would depict you know adults, children 2 that are being sustained and kept alive by parents 3 at home.