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24 There may be some evidence that while 25 Theresa was living with her parents, she may have 9 1 made comments about the Karen Ann Quinlan case. 10 Q Do you know why she decided to take the 11 trip? 13 Q Did the subject of Terri's grandmother 14 -- by the way, did you fly, drive, or take the 15 train? 17 Q Did the subject of Terri's grandmother 18 come up at all during that train trip? He 14 became, as what Terri says, severely depressed.

6 1 The evidence will show in this case that 2 Theresa had a conventional childhood. She 12 worked for Prudential Insurance and he worked in 13 food service management as a restaurant manager, 14 assistant restaurant manager, working nights. 6 You will also receive testimony, Your 7 Honor, from some experts. One will be an expert 8 witness testifying as to the doctrine and policies 9 of the Catholic church regarding artificial life 10 support. 11 Q Did Terri have any close friends in 12 particular in the given her 5 grandmother's condition? 6 However, it is important for the Court to remember 7 that that is really a non issue in this case. 7 Q Do you know why Terri made a reference 8 to her uncle in connection with her grandmother's 9 illness? 21 Q Did -- regarding Terri's uncle, did you 22 ever meet him? The 8 major issue in this case is what Terri's intent 9 was. 11 Schiavo and his brother and sister-in-law as to 12 conversations Theresa Schiavo had with them in 13 which she stated that if she had to be dependent 14 on the care of others, she would not want to live 15 that way. Also, if she was 16 in that condition, she would not want to be kept 17 alive or maintained artificially. 10 A Years prior, her uncle was in a severe 11 car accident. 18 When he came out of his comma, he was 19 pretty much severely handicapped. You will 18 hear evidence that Theresa wanted to become 19 pregnant. Was under a 20 doctor's care to become pregnant, and while under 21 that doctor's care, developed a potassium 22 imbalance which caused her heart to stop beating, 23 which caused the incident in question. How he has been termed, as he 7 has been termed, as a nursing home administrator's 8 worst nightmare. 0 That he could not process his thoughts quick 10 enough with his answers.

How he has gotten for Theresa a 9 level of care that most other patients would not 10 have received. 11 Q Again, why was Terri concerned about her 12 uncle because of her grandmother?

25 You will also hear in this trial 10 1 testimony regarding the relationship between the 2 parties, the petitioner and respondents, which was 3 a good relationship and a supportive relationship 4 until the malpractice award was given in this 5 case. FELOS: Your Honor, we move to 19 introduce these photos into evidence. 5 A The bottom picture here was Terri at a 6 younger age. To 7 the right of her, far right, is her sister, 8 Suzanne. To the right of that, that is a 25 picture at Disney-World.

You will hear evidence that in 1992 a 6 verdict was issued in a medical malpractice case 7 brought on Theresa's behalf and Theresa, the 8 guardianship estate, netted over 0,000 and that 9 Mr. 14 Q In Petitioner's Exhibit Number Two, is 15 that Terri's approximate weight during your 16 marriage? The top picture is, I believe is -- that a was our honeymoon. Now Petitioner's Exhibit Number 11 Two, can you explain when approximately these 12 pictures were taken, and where, starting with the 13 upper left? 21 Down on the bottom on the left with the 22 truck leasing, that is her brother's graduation. I believe that is -- I 27 1 don't know the approximate date on that one. 23 A I was deeply in love with my wife and I 24 still am.

Her brain was deprived of oxygen 6 and since that time she's existed in a permanent 7 vegetative state, whereas her parents have agreed 8 in the pleadings, it's an irreversible, profoundly 9 debilitating condition.

10 On that day close to ten years ago, my 11 client, Mr. Her 12 parents lost their dreams and hopes of a full life 13 with their daughter and her siblings, and friends 14 lost a shining presence in their lives.

2 Whatever the outcome of this case, everyone has 3 lost.

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