Soulja boy and keri hilson dating

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Soulja boy and keri hilson dating - Krischan girls

That’s not the style of a str8 man who is comfortable with his sexuality. You can’t come for the homos and keep your career especially if you’re working under Diddy who is known for his “colorful” sexuality.Just google “Busta Rhymes gay” and thousand of articles and stories.

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Often times DL men have girlfriends who are their primary sexual partners (Rihanna for example) but occasionally engage in sex with a male “friend” or associate. Yung Joc- Often times to get the heat off them, a DL man will accuse others of homosexuality. But after the relationship was over she was told to sign a confidentiality agreement and was told to keep them big ass lips quite.

If a girlfriend was to find out, or threaten to expose him, chances are he could erupt in to violence. Yung Joc had the internet a jumping a few years ago claiming he would out a gay rapper. These agreements are usually meant because there are seriously damaging secrets that a party doesn’t want to be spilled.

I was sure he was about to out himself since rumor has it that he like fat bottoms. No str8 man would go through all the drama and trouble trying to out anyone. Kanye West- DL men like gay men often enlist beards to conceal their gayness. And since we all know Amber is a lesbian, what damage could she receive? Busta Rhymes- DL men are usually homophobic in nature. Busta focuses on homosexuality a lot in his lyrics and his interviews.

Women, more so than gay men are fascinated by the Down Low World.

But the gag is, most of them don’t wanna believe the really believe their favorite rapper takes it up the ass. Today we will run down the top 10 DL men in music along with their reported tea. Chris Brown- Though initially I would have never suspected Chris to be on the low apparently there had been rumors way before this video of his supposed lover was leaked on to youtube.

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