Sophos antivirus always updating

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Sophos antivirus always updating

The server, through the web-based management console, makes it easy to set coordinated security policies and deploy updates to every agent.Office Scan is powered by the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™, a next generation cloud-client infrastructure that delivers security that is smarter than conventional approaches.

Advanced Protection Service The Advanced Protection Service provides the following new scan features.

Unique in-the-cloud technology and a lighter-weight agent reduce reliance on conventional pattern downloads and eliminate the delays commonly associated with desktop updates.

Businesses benefit from increased network bandwidth, reduced processing power, and associated cost savings.

An integrated solution, Office Scan consists of an agent program that resides at the endpoint and a server program that manages all agents.

The agent guards the endpoint and reports its security status to the server.

Self-protection Feature Enhancements The self-protection features available in this release provide both light-weight and high level security solutions to protect both your server and Office Scan agent programs.

Office Scan Agent Interface Redesign The Office Scan agent interface has been redesigned to provide an easier, more streamlined, and more modern experience.

Smart Protection Server Enhancements This version of Office Scan supports the upgraded Smart Protection Server 3.0.

The upgraded Smart Protection Server includes File Reputation Services pattern enhancements.

All the features available in the previous Office Scan server are still available in the updated version.

Cloud-based Contextual Online Help Cloud-based context-sensitive online help ensures that administrators always have the most up-to-date information whenever the help system opens.

Register online with Trend Micro within 30 days of installation to continue downloading new pattern files and product updates from the Trend Micro website. Trend Micro always seeks to improve its documentation. Please evaluate this documentation on the following site:

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