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Queries that reference UNIONTYPE fields in JOIN (HIVE-2508), WHERE, and GROUP BY clauses will fail, and Hive does not define syntax to extract the tag or value fields of a UNIONTYPE.This means that UNIONTYPEs are effectively look-at-only.

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Like string, trailing whitespace is significant in varchar and will affect comparison results.

Decimal types are needed for use cases in which the (very close) approximation of a DOUBLE is insufficient, such as financial applications, equality and inequality checks, and rounding operations.

They are also needed for use cases that deal with numbers outside the DOUBLE range (approximately ).

A reason for creating a library in the first place is to make reasoned 'fixes' and normalisations to bizarre behaviours in the underlying language in my opinion anyway. Reply to this email directly, view it on Git Hub - but we've never attempted to follow the Date object for any reason (except our terrible choice to have zero-indexed months :-)).

Is there any known example of null being used for a good reason, using new Date or date-fns? I don't recall any Git Hub issues where people complained about this.

Date Fns is good place to adjust these unintuitive native behaviors.

I'd vote for null to be not a valid a date , as long as it is consistent in your functions from this library then it can be considered expected behaviour.

String literals can be expressed with either single quotes (') or double quotes ("). Varchar types are created with a length specifier (between 5), which defines the maximum number of characters allowed in the character string.

If a string value being converted/assigned to a varchar value exceeds the length specifier, the string is silently truncated.

Casting is supported between decimal values and any other primitive type such as integer, double, boolean, and so on.

Two new tests have been added as part of the Test Cli Driver framework within Hive. Other tests such as udf7.q cover the gamut of UDFs mentioned above.

To use varchar arguments directly or to return varchar values, create a Generic UDF. The range of values supported for the Date type is 0000-­01-­01 to 9999-­12-­31, dependent on support by the primitive Java Date type. Floor, Ceil, Round, and many more) handle decimal types.

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