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For a general discussion of the limits of the DOUBLE type, see the Wikipedia article Double-precision floating-point format.The precision of a Decimal type is limited to 38 digits in Hive.

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Initially, I wanted to close this issue as "Won't fix", but there is a nuance that stops me: there is no such thing as Having built a few date pickers the native New Date behavior around null has only ever caused bugs.

More tests need to be added that demonstrate failure or when certain types of casts are prevented (for example, casting to date).

There is some ambiguity in the round function because the rounding of Decimal does not work exactly as the SQL standard, and therefore it has been omitted in the current work.

On the table level, alternative timestamp formats can be supported by providing the format to the Ser De property "timestamp.formats" (as of release 1.2.0 with HIVE-9298). The persistence format of the decimal type supports both scientific and non-scientific notation.

Therefore, regardless of whether your dataset contains data like 4.004E 3 (scientific notation) or 4004 (non-scientific notation) or a combination of both, With the changes in the Decimal data type in Hive 0.13.0, the pre-Hive 0.13.0 columns (of type "decimal") will be treated as being of type decimal(10,0).

To import data with NULL fields, check documentation of the Ser De used by the table.

The library sticks to ECMAScript behavior, even in edge cases like this one.For general information about running Hive tests, see How to Contribute to Apache Hive and Hive Developer FAQ.Missing values are represented by the special value NULL.Casting is supported between decimal values and any other primitive type such as integer, double, boolean, and so on.Two new tests have been added as part of the Test Cli Driver framework within Hive. Other tests such as udf7.q cover the gamut of UDFs mentioned above.If the user was on Hive 0.12.0 or earlier and created tables with decimal columns, they should perform the following steps on these tables after upgrading to Hive 0.13.0 or later.

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