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The remainder consists of fertile coastal and riverine lowlands, including a narrow sandy and marshy coastal plain.The many beaches are an important tourist attraction.

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Africans, 4 percent of the population, mainly in Montevideo, were imported as slaves to work in the ports, in the processing of meat and hides, and as servants. The prevalent language is a variety of Spanish known as Rioplatense or Platellano .About half of the population lives in the capital, Montevideo, and its metropolitan area. The second largest city, Salto, has ninety thousand inhabitants. As a result of emigration, there could be as many people of Uruguayan descent living outside as inside the country.Most of the indigenous population was exterminated by the nineteenth century, and those who survived were assimilated.After that every conversation will be displayed on your PC.However, it is illegal to spy on your spouse as the High Court ruled last year.There are no alternative traditions or nationalities within the country. Uruguay is on the southeastern Atlantic coast of the Southern Cone of South America, bordering Argentina to the west and south and Brazil to the north.

The Atlantic Ocean is on the east and the estuary of the Río de la Plata is on the south.Before independence, it was known as Banda Oriental del Uruguay .The name "Uruguay" is a Guaraní word meaning "river of shellfish," or "river the uru birds come from." Uruguayans have a strong sense of national identity and patriotism.The innovation that was developed in 2015 to make it easier for people to respond to messages from their phones by enabling it on desktops has now become a tool for couples to spy on each other.The phrase “How to spy on Whats App” is one of the most searched on Google.Grasslands and agricultural lands cover the majority of the country.