Single mother dating russia

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By the time the boy was 17, he had managed to impregnate his then 15 year-old girlfriend, and this happened as a result of wifey letting the girl sleep over at our house one night.When the impending arrival of the baby was confirmed, the boy and the girl insisted on keeping the baby, no matter that neither one had jobs, weren't even finished with high school, and were failing to boot.

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I am not planning on getting married any time soon if ever, but if I ever do, I would only marry a virgin.Wifey was working odd hours in a retail store and was never home half the time.Junior, being quite immature and irresponsible, would be out and about with his friends.That is an extreme example, but know that men prefer to raise their own genetic offspring and not someone else's offpsring.Marriage, concubinage, or some other male-female bond arrangement was set up so that the man has exclusive sexual access to his women and guarantee that he'd be raising his own generic heirs.If the old adage, 'don't listen to what women say, watch what they do' holds any water, then never believe any single mother who tells you she is looking for a partner for herself.

Yeah, she wants a partner alright - your bank account! Why shoulder the responsibilities of being a father when in reality you are not.

It makes no sense really to work as hard as we do to save money and go abroad to take care of someone else's kid while the sperm-injector is on the lam somewhere laughing at her and me, the sucker who will now be supporting his child. Hey Ladislav clue me in on something that's been kinda bothering me.

Not one to want to marry a Single Mother, at least not one from the North America.

Skip to content In an earlier thread, jamesbond amplified on the topic of getting involved with single mothers, warning of the dangers of getting involved with them.

Read my story if you feel you need more proof that single mothers should be avoided at all costs.

I was gobsmacked by her response and thought, 'So, after all this time, I'm merely an invitee, and not her husband, with equal power in the household.' I opted to hit the highway.