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Sickofinternetdating com - shining star christian dating

The beautiful cover and the intriguing blurb were more than enough to make me want to read it.

This is a light-hearted and witty outlook on modern dating. I bet you have, even if you are ashamed to admit it.

While I would never start my own Project Love with my friends, I have to say I found the concept of this book very original.

It doesn't matter if I agree with these girls, I love how the book surprised me with everything that's been going on.

After two years away, she's back in London and ready to continue with her friends exactly as if nothing happened, as if she never left.

A lot of things have changed during those two years, all three of her friends are single and mostly miserable when it comes to relationships, but despite the hard times they've remained close friends. Not because I'm jealous, there's a good reason for them being out of my life right now.

Marnie has a proposal for them, each of them suggests an ex they've went out with and sets them up with a friend. You've grown up valuing the girl code and here it is, a book that's against all you believe about friendship.

Project Love, as Marnie calls it comes down to basically recycling exes. A very bold one too, knowing most women/readers in their 20s or 30s (or even older) wouldn't agree in taking part in such a project and might even criticize this book (and the characters) strongly. I'm telling you, it might seem like just another fluffy chick lit, but it's actually one that will make you think a lot.

I didn't connect to any of them, to be frank, but I liked them.

Marnie, not too much not because she comes up with her silly dating plan, but because she's back after two years in her friends' lives and she expects things to continue the way they were. I assume Marnie will be least likable of the characters for many readers, but she's definitely the most mysterious one, and I've been dying to find out more about her.

I loved how the story revolved around four women and reading the different voices of each one.

The Ex Factor by Eva Woods was definitely an entertaining light read that I recommend if you are sitting poolside, sipping a Sex on The Beach.

Modern dating is hard, especially when all you meet are liars, oddballs, men who wear Superman pants and men who live with their mums.