Shark club speed dating

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Shark club speed dating

Unfortunately, this shark is highly-sought after by commercial fisheries for its meat and is highly susceptible to overfishing due to its The maximum reported age for a bronze whaler shark so far is 30 years old.This is a large species often reaching 3.3 meters (11 feet) long.

This shark is one of the the slowest growing shark species.Though this is a large and powerful species, it does not habitually attack humans except in the presence of food.A 2013 study conducted in the University of Florida attributed 20 attacks to the Bronze whaler shark.These are migratory, live-bearing sharks that inhabit warmer waters and sometimes enter brackish/fresh water.Bronze whalers are not easily distinguishable from other sharks in the group except for the bronze-colored ridge just between the dorsal fins and their distinct hook-shaped, narrow teeth.They eat cephalopods like squid, cuttlefish, and octopus.

Also bony fish like catfish, Australian salmon, tunas, sardines, and anchovies, then cartilaginous fish like dogfish sharks, stingrays, skates, electric rays, and sawfish.Mating for the Bronze whaler shark starts from October to December in the Southern Hemisphere, and kicks off with the males biting the females of the species.These sharks are viviparous: gestation period lasts for 15 to 21 months and the average litter size ranges from 7 to 24 pups. – Not to be overshadowed by its on-field success, the Nova Southeastern athletic department turned in yet another notable semester in the classroom, as its 17 programs posted a collective 3.20 grade point average throughout this past fall.Highlighted by the 3.51 GPA earned by the women's golf team, 14 of NSU's programs accumulated over a 3.0.I want to thank them for their dedication, flexibility and commitment to our student-athletes." All 10 women's programs posted team GPA's of at least 3.10.

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