Shantel vansanten and robert buckley dating

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Shantel vansanten and robert buckley dating

Welcome to The Drake, the premiere apartment building on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

She meets a man who appears to measure up to her high standards; however, what she doesn’t realize is that her date is a henchman for the Riddler.Then after, she joined Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. After this series, she was able to gain huge name and fame.She had a dream of being a successful model since her early days. She moved her first step towards her dream to be a model at the age of fifteen. Her number of fans and followers were also increased.Shantel Van Santen has sexy body, beautiful yawning eyes and charming figure with long hot legs and feet which is something memorable to her audience and her followers.Her hot physique, splendor legs and fascinating feet of height has always mesmerized the audience worldwide.The hot and beautiful Van Santen has commendable height, beautiful hair and fascinating body measurements. After lots of workout, she has maintained such beautiful body.

Her legs look stunning in her outfits with the attractive heels on her feet. Lady earns a handsome salary and has a net worth of 5million. She is a successful actress and model who has numerous searches in the internet.

Here you will find a comprehensive photo gallery and the latest news on Robert's career.

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The hot, gorgeous and vibrantly talented American actress and model Shantel Van Santen was born in July 25, 1985.

She was born to her loving and caring parents in Luverne, Minnesota.

Her character is described as an adrenaline junkie and diva who loves parties and is used to getting her way.