Shabbir dating panchi

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Shabbir dating panchi

Kajal Verma ;) ♥ Happy Birthday Kaju ♥ luv u hun muuaa ♥ Hope u lyk ur gift ;) Was busy so cudnt make a better mix n also I lost all my vdos in formatting...

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The Bitch tried to get in touch with Shabbir, but obviously he remained unavailable for comment.

Well, it looks like the amazing on screen chemistry has enthused Shabbir to go all out in real life too!!

Before getting married to Kanchi, he was involved in an affair with television actress Panchi Bora.

Shabir is a very handsome and talented actor who debuted in the TV industry with released in 2008 and has appeared in Mission Istanbul.

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Shabbir had an affair with Panchi Bora who is an Indian television actress.

He said in media that he was madly in love with Panchi.

The Bitch's source informs, "Shabbir has fallen big time for pretty Panchi. She tries to dodge the uncomfortable situation every time and he simply refuses to give up." Their on screen chemistry is just awesome and the popularity that the Jodi of Milind-Panchi commands from the viewers is just mind-blowing!

Together, the love birds have been christened 'Mi Chi(Mi from Milind and Chi from Panchi) by their loyal fans.

He has huge fan followers backing his TV career up which is proved by the followers in his social media.