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The execution was presided over by a woman sheriff, Florence Shoemaker Thompson, who gained national media attention for her role in the process, although she declined to spring the trap, which was instead released by a mob.

Ames hired industrialist Vincent Bendix in 1912, and the company became the Ames Motor Car Company.The Kentucky General Assembly quickly abolished public executions after the embarrassment this caused.The end of the Second World War brought civil engineering projects which helped turn Owensboro from a sleepy industrial town into a modern, expanding community by the turn of the 1960s.Another major battle occurred 8 miles (13 km) south of Owensboro and is today signified by a monument marking the battle located beside US Highway 431.Several distillers, mainly of bourbon whiskey, have been in and around the city of Owensboro.In 1922, the company remade itself and started to manufacture furniture under the name Ames Corporation.

The company finally sold out to Whitehall Furniture in 1970.The major distillery still in operation is the Glenmore Distillery Company, now owned by the Sazerac Company.On August 14, 1936, downtown Owensboro was the site of the last public hanging in the United States.With eight styles or sizes of wagons, the company set the standard of quality at the turn of the 20th century. Ames came to Owensboro from Washington, Pennsylvania, in 1887.He started the Carriage Woodstock Company to repair horse-drawn carriages.The start of the Kentucky Electrical Lamp Company, a light bulb manufacturing company was in 1899; it eventually was acquired by Kentucky Radio Company (Ken-Rad) in 1918 and later acquired by General Electric in 1945 and in 1987 acquired by MPD, Inc., The Owensboro plant was a major part of General Electric's vacuum tube manufacturing operations, producing both receiving types and military/industrial ceramic types.

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