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What we get excited about is that we can help people budget and save and pay their bills on time and understand how their behaviour impacts their credit score…

What happened with digital self-serve, all of that thinking and effort got pushed to the customer in an effort to save costs for the bank.

What we should add is the people who do customer care will be dealing with more complex queries - they’ll be there to chat to you, instead of dealing with these very simple queries.

This is about better access to humans when you need it, not frustrating IVR systems.

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For a bank, they need to get out and start deploying the early versions of these experiences now rather than wait.

The reality is if you don’t get out and learn in market, you won’t get to market quickly.

In our continuing investigation into AI and the banking industry, we interview Jake Tyler, a former Perth-ite who’s now CEO of a Vancouver-based fintech startup called

Developers of the world’s first, full-featured, everyday banking chatbot in Facebook Messenger for ATB Financial, are soon to roll out bots for their first Australian bank, amongst others.

It’s still early days in terms of the rollout of bots to banks, but what is very clear is that this is going to be a way that people bank in a year or two. One, this is where people are, it’s where they spend time.

You will interact by chatting to your Alexa unit, by chatting to your Google home unit, by chatting on Facebook Messenger, or by chatting in a bank’s existing i OS or Android app.

If they want to maintain loyalty, improve share of wallet and reduce customer acquisition costs, figuring out the kind of experiences we’re working on are also fundamental to delivering that experience.