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Many will see these findings as no more than a sign of the times — until you consider how our phone usage affects children.

The notices, outside three entrances to St Joseph’s RC Primary School in Middlesbrough, read: ‘Greet your child with a smile, not a mobile,’ along with a drawing of a person with a phone to their ear, crossed out inside a red circle.” I suddenly realised that I was missing out on just being with him such a lot of the time,’ says Bethan, 25, from Stockport.‘There were times when he’d be talking and trying to explain something to me and I’d be distracted by my phone and would just say: “Yes, yes” — without really listening.‘Once, after we’d made a batch of fairy cakes together, I went on my phone and heard him ask for a fairy cake. When he asked again a few minutes later, I kept automatically saying yes.When I eventually glanced up from my phone, I found six empty fairy cake wrappers on the table.‘My husband Adam notices how glued I am to my phone and will often tell me to put it down.Our goal is to help you create a “Unique Competitive Advantage” that is sustainable.Then we look to identify ways to measure the campaign’s effectiveness through a Return on Investment analysis. The object of her lust is lying face-down with its volume switched off, but it might as well be serenading her. Leaving nine-year-old Herbie stranded mid-long division, she’s out of her chair and eagerly checking the messages on her mobile phone.

” and I’ll have to fudge it and say: “Er, yes, how fantastic,” when it’s a blatant lie.‘I feel terribly guilty about it.I know there are times when I’m not giving him my attention, and while I’m always physically there with him, he’s often in the background — and I know that’s not right.’Of course, most mothers would be horrified to be accused of neglecting their children for their smartphones.But Sue Palmer, author of Toxic Childhood: How The Modern World Is Damaging Our Children And What We Can Do About It, believes they have a real responsibility as the key attachment figure in their children’s lives.‘Children do need eye contact,’ she says.We are trying to develop our speaking and listening in school and we thought it was a clear way to get the message across.’It is an admirable response to what is becoming an increasingly common problem.Research by software producer Dscout shows the average person swipes, taps and pinches their smartphone display about 2,617 times a day — or nearly one million times a year — taking an astonishing 2.42 hours out of every day.There is also a top 10 per cent of ‘power users’ who touch their phone 5,427 times in the day — taking up 3.75 hours daily.

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