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In this case, plan for fun (like going out for dinner or a movie) rather than waiting around for it to just happen.This way, you have something to look forward to – enjoying quality time with your partner.

So it can be pretty hard to bring your best game to the table when it comes to intimate relationships. Researchers have found that building better intimacy in a relationship – which includes sex – can actually ward off depression.Depression can be accompanied by different sex-related issues (loss of sexual desire, loss of ability to achieve an erection or an orgasm).It’s important to keep your partner tuned into things that are making sex difficult for you.Below are tips that can give you a hand with some common problems with intimacy that guys face when they’re depressed: 1) staying connected to your partner, 2) losing interest in sex, and 3) starting an intimate relationship.There are also some tips to keep in mind for maintaining a healthy intimate relationship.This robs the guy of one of the most important things that can help his fight against depression – the support of his partner.

Here are some tips that can help bring you closer to your partner.If you’re feeling low or distant and don’t communicate how you’re feeling, your partner won’t understand what you’re going through.Muster the strength to sit down with your partner and have a serious talk about how you’re feeling.Make yourself available to your partner to share in conversation, even if it’s about mundane day-to-day things.We all appreciate a good listener, so even if you don’t want to talk much, be attentive to what your partner is saying.Otherwise, you risk having your partner feel that you’ve lost interest in her or him.